PC Hotfix (02.07.2019) - Further balancing and general bugfixes

I don’t think so but who knows I’m still upset about the vatisis removal I replaced my 300 vathisis with bandit leaders then they get nerfed too… ugh

Isnt it obvious? Can you apply bandages on yourself while running? Even walking I doubt you can, this cripple makes total sense, the same thing should be for potions, duels would be a lot more fair.

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What’s with the randomly stop healing with no status effects such as bleed. if ur gonna nuke the lifeblood spear can ya make it where food work properly not tick two times and you magically stop healing for no reason

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On your legs?

It’s intended. They cannot use it as freely as before to avoid some incredibly powerful combos our community reported over the past few months.


I meant in real life.

These sort of stealth nerf really disincentivize putting in long hours grinding for powerful weapons when the rewards end up being nothing more than joke or troll rewards. Broken beer bottles, table legs, shovels, a sword that gets your opponent drunk, a powerful sword you can swing only once, a sword with the 1-handed axe combo yet you can’t hold a torch or rope in your offhand…

The UC update had a lot of “rewards” that felt like straight-up trolling. Now two of the most worthwhile things to grind (Lifeblood Spear, Sword of Crom) have been nerfed into uselessness, in some cases without even a heads-up. This is probably the root cause of the many solo and PvE players who have lost all their gear in the new dungeon due to seemingly bugged thrall behavior.

Now with the new dungeon, many of the weapons have severe drawbacks (corruption) or cryptic warnings about worthiness (i.e. don’t give them to a thrall) yet don’t actually seem to have rewards commensurate with the risk involved in using or obtaining them. So once again, it ends up feeling like we’re getting pranked or trolled for a willingness to put in long hours. I don’t know which team member it is that keeps thinking it’s OK to continuously pull gotchas on the player base like this, but could you ask them to dial it back a bit? The ratio of troll/joke options to viable options is just getting out of hand.

I mean, are the powerful armors that I’m grinding away at in the newest dungeon going to receive some major nerf a month from now too? Will we someday walk into the next new dungeon to find our thralls wearing God Breaker gear with a continuous Cripple effect on them because the joints rusted? This is starting to get disheartening… :frowning:


Ah. The whiners win once more. Once again the silver lining is my “bad luck” in not getting the item not really mattering since the items end up getting nerfed anyway.

If there’s a PvP player somewhere who doesn’t want to put in the effort to grind one for themselves, then yes. Yes it will.


On another note, with the recent focus on new dungeons, one complimentary fix I’d like to see prioritized is fixing bugged loot chests. (i.e. where if someone doesn’t empty one fully and doesn’t close the lid then it has to be physically destroyed before it will start the respawn cycle.)

I ask that this be prioritized because while it’s nice having new dungeons added, it’s really disheartening when on Every. Single. Run. all of the chests are empty because other players aren’t aware that they have to take such steps. And yes, myself and others have been making PSAs in global chat to apprise others of this, but such messages only reach other players who are online when we are (i.e. the evening); it does nothing to educate those who login long before we get home from work.

Seriously, running a dungeon and getting nothing from ANY chest multiple days in a row sucks. :persevere:


Not to be contrarian, but there are other forms of bandages that can be applied on the run to stop bleeding. In ancient times, it was honey and tar, in modern times jarheads get issued Super Glue (cyanoacrylate). I have personally witnessed the gluing up of a barbed-wire-lacerated noggin during a hump (forced march). In another Company, a corpsman attended to his own thigh injury in the same fashion, while on the move. I didn’t see it, they just told us and it motivated the F outta us.

@Larathiel: you’re excluding the players who behave this way deliberately to “pimp” others. IMO this sort of exploitable unfun should be prioritized.


Another urgent patch for the PVP folk.
Yet the Lifeblood spear & passive regen are still useless. Not to mention Croms blade stealth nerf.
While most of us can understand some of these items might not be ideal for PVP, let us not forget that there are three other game modes that people play.
I couldn’t give a stuff about acid arrows but the nerf and stealth nerfs to the above items are seriously taking the fun and the sense of reward for achivement out of this game.

I fully echo @Larathiel sentiments.
There is a politically incorrect term for what you guys are doing. stop giving us things, then taking them away.

Funcom, as much as i love this game, your priorities are wrong.


Totally agree 100%

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Well, most of the folks on the server I play on go out of their way to help others, so I don’t think people are doing it deliberately… at least not there. But yeah, a very easy way to troll others for someone who is mean-spirited and jealous.

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Does this ridiculousness apply to any other weapons?
Are there any other weapons that are too dangerous for the brutal pvp exiled lands?

Please give us a list of any other stealth nerfed weapons so we can avoid -

  1. Putting them on our thralls.
  2. Wasting our time hunting for them in the first place.

I really dislike that the Sword of Crom was a stealth nerf. It feels disingenuous and deceitful. Funcom was quick to share their nerfing of acid arrows to please the PVP crowd and fixed it within a week of the outcry. This has been snuck through without any notice to the players. I can’t help but believe that things they know will please are announced, and things that will upset are not.

Players have been reporting issues with thralls since the Warmakers patch on the 25th - and the Crom nerf has only been confirmed today.

There is an inbalance between appeasing PVP and everyone else. Sword of Crom, Lifeblood Spear, Vathis, passive health regeneration.


Hang on then everybody, don’t go getting your torches and pitchforks like you’re trying to mount an attack on Castle Dippel. PvPers aren’t the enemy, super-saccharin versions of weapons are the enemy. Immoderate dangling of OP weps and heals got us here.

What’s been teased is a better AI, and better thralls and companions overall. If we’re seeing the nascent days of functional thrall stamina, and predictable movesets, take my Crom, please.

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Hold on. Wait a second. Who on earth would complain, get PO, over a cripple effect on an item they couldnt use before during combat, for the most time neither while moving, AND now gets rid of bleed right away…

Some people baffle me. If anyone got annoyed at the cripple when they are getting 3 things back in return for it then idk what to say anymore.

Some people are trying so hard to nitpick they have nothing left to nitpick on so they are nitpicking on the silliest of things.


I think this might be true, but ultimately this is unfortunately the best way to go about it. There is nothing worse than playing with other people while they are exploiting broken mechanics. And there is nothing worse than a “meta” which forces you to play a game a specific way as opposed to what you enjoy.

It might be the unfortunate nature of it all, but putting PvP first is very important.

I’ve also noticed many mention that PvE is getting the rough end of it thanks to PvP. This is true many times.

On the one hand, its kinda ok cause personally I like the more hardcore nature of the game like that. On the other, some things are too much.

With regards to this PvE vs PvP balancing, I still consider that one of the best ways to fix most of the complaints is pretty much the simplest thing on the planet. An increase in player damage in PvE servers. Its literally a slider that can be tweaked at any given time.

This way, PvP wont have op weapons, and PvE wont feel like its punishing us either.

Some mechanics are downright broken though. So the whine sometimes is warranted. On the other hand, it can also go overboard, with said whiner simply being of a mindset the likes of “I dont like X weapon or using it, NERF it, I don’t want it to be viable!”

My frustration levels with such kind of behaviour are beyond my patience at this point. As a long time player for another game to bring into the example, Warframe, the amount of nerfs things have gotten there has made me want to find these people and cast an endless plague on them. In what is actually by the way a PVE GAME in which they are just salty their TEAM-MATE HAD MORE KILLS!!!

So yes, although I understand that some of the complaints are not just whining, but warranted feedback, at the same time I can’t turn a blind eye to those that overdo it.

Im always more of a mind of buffing things to balance everything out than to nerf things, but there are occasions of broken things which will then mean after a buff everything will be broken :smile:

I think in general some mechanics need to be reworked. Im actually writing up my suggestions for this atm to open up a new thread for it, see peoples opinions on it.