[BUG REPORTS] Few sugestions for Devs

Hello Funcom team from the very first player of your game.
I just want to give some tips to the devs about latest update and bunch of bugs we facing now in the game.

As far, i noticed throught servers that Wepons need to be balanced. As first as, i saw that 90% of players using Medium gear and poisoned daggers. Nobody crafting star-metal or hardened steel weapons nor tools. Why?

  1. Spears and two-handed swords become useless in the game. With new combat system even iron or steel daggers (poisoned) doing preety much damages that we dont need to craft two handed swords or pikes who is to slow in compare with daggers.
    For example, im 60 lvl, have a heavy gear and star metal or ice longsword. Im “WEAK” if i facing two newbies (10-15 lvl) with poisoned daggers.
    Once they reach you and you become cripled or bleed… you get stuck in place no matter what is your strenght or stamina or vitality - You’re dead.
    As we remember, we had same problems with hammers 2 years ago - now we have the same problems with daggers. So nobody on 70 slots servers craft heavy armour nor spears or swords.

  2. Eat-to-heal: Just want to add, that now, bandages/ambrosia are useless while combat. The purpose of using them is strictly while we fighting. We dont need it when we’re in base or exploring map. So the best option to heal yourself while fighting is to cook some food and ear while fighting. To use bandages we need to run 1km far and wait at least few minutes after combat is done and let us use them. Who reach 30+ lvl … for that time health regenerate by itself and again - we dont need bandages.

Healing issues was covered in the last dev stream. Long story short

  1. Food shouldn’t be your primary healing source. While it can be an option on low lvl and provide some nice healing over time to compensate some health you’ve lost, fighting a wandering hyenas, potions and bandages are your main healing options. To be able to use food as your main healing source you have to commit to lvl 50 Survival perk.
  2. Any damage you take, while getting healed, should cancel healing buff. This is why applying bleeds or poison is a big thing in PvP. Currently this is bugged and you can still heal while taking damage, but this was acknowledged as bug and will be fixed.
  3. Bandages are bugged as they suppose to heal you only when you are standing still.