A few bugs noted

Game mode: Private
Problem: Bug
Crash dump link: N/A


  1. Healing from food is only increased by 25% with the “Receptive” perk in the Vitality tree.
  2. Bandages now only recover 40hp (previously 150)
  3. Dead bodies are often several hundred metres from where you died.
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The first two items you listed were intentional and came with the Healing Rebalance patch.
They didn’t update the description of Receptive though.

Numbing Wraps are also down to 80 from 250.

These are intentional as I understand it. Devs thought Healing Wraps were WAY OP and toned them down for launch.

I see, they really should have changed description in-game as it still says 100%, and I thought the “balance” to bandages was the fact that you cannot move or use in combat with them … but nerfing their potency by 75% is just plain stupid. Bandages are now just extortionately expensive versions of meat(40hp) or Exotic meat (80hp) … with meat being super easy to get (30+ minimum with a cleaver usually)

Yeah bandages are nearly useless now. The only time I can see them being of any use is to heal through bleed or poison ‘after’ combat is over.

I use food that heals 100 HP, restores 100 food and 20 water. I can eat while moving. To bandage, you have to stand still with your weapons put away. Bandages are terrible now.
Also, yeah, you get tons of exotic meat with cleavers. With an end-game cleaver you can get 90+ exotic meat from a single animal. Just add some water, salt and feral meat to get the Hearty Stews that I use.

I was getting over 60 from the elk kings and over 90 from mammoths. Still over 30 with just the basic iron cleaver. I’m sure they just overlooked the description update and will get around to it eventually. I know they have a lot more important things to fix though.

It still seems that bandages heal faster than the food though, at least in my SP PVP server. I don’t mind bandages even with the no weapons no movement needed now.

It actually does make sense in a reality mode as you are usually NOT wielding weapons or moving when you are bandaging yourself. So the new requirements reflect RL a bit more.

Yeah but you’re also not usually wielding weapons, sprinting away from a mammoth, swimming in a lake or climbing a mountain while eating a bowl of stew, yet we still can.

A little consistency would be nice.

Bandages may heal faster, but it’s inconvenient to have to stop everything to use them.

I like having to take a breather after a severe battle and heal my wounds but I do see your point.