Healing Rebalance - Broken Bandages

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Platform: PC
Game mode: Private Testlive | Singleplayer
Version: 95237/17715
Problem: Misc
Crash dump link:

Bandage healing was greatly reduced but the patch notes did not mention it. This makes me think it was unintentional.

Healing Wraps used to heal me for, I believe, 150 HP. Numbing Wraps healed for 250.
Now they heal for 40 and 80, respectively. This combined with the fact that the healing now breaks upon movement means they are almost useless (who stands still in combat?). They could be used to heal up after a fight but food heals for more and you don’t have to stand still to eat.

Food is now more effective at healing and much easier to make. My food heals for 100 HP and I can keep fighting and moving, not to mention it stacks to 50. (I know food healing now breaks upon taking damage but I have a shield, so it doesn’t matter.) Even early game food is better than bandages (Steaks heal the same as Healing Wraps and can be farmed in abundance very quickly with a stone sword and hatchet).

I think another look needs to be taken at bandages. Also, the description for the Receptive trait was not updated to reflect the changes made to it.

Repro steps:

  1. Use a bandage.
  2. Heal for very little.
  3. Throw away bandages and eat like Jabba the Hutt.

Healing rebalance

Reduced the effect of the Receptive perk (Vitality 40) from +100% healing to +25% healing


Right. You now get +25% healing from items instead of +100%, but the in-game description still says +100%.
This perk is unrelated to the bandage problem I described above as I do not use it.

This is intentional. They felt Healing was OP’d. It was said as much on the last live stream that you will have to have no weapon and be standing still.

Remember they didn’t want people to be able to have a weapon out when sprinting either. They really want to limit healing in combat to prevent people from heal tanking. Basically a “Mobs are too easy” and PvP balance. Even though Mobs aren’t that easy alone.

I understand that standing still and not having a weapon out was intentional but the patch notes said nothing about reducing the healing amount of bandages.

My point is that with all those limitations on bandages ‘in addition’ to the healing amount reduction, they are now absolutely useless. Food is better for both combat and out-of-combat healing. Food is easier to produce, stacks higher and heals for a higher amount than bandages. Bandages need more tweaking, that or food needs nerfing to compensate.

Heal taking is still very easy to do with food, even though food healing breaks upon taking damage. You can simply block or dodge.

I don’t disagree. Joel has very specific ideal about some thing that aren’t always in line with what the community would like. It sometimes takes some complaining to get it fixed.

Right. And this isn’t really a complaint as much as an observation. I rarely ever used bandages before this patch so it doesn’t affect me much. It just seemed like a mistake so I figured I’d bring it up.

Well I suggest complaining :slight_smile: if done enough eventually someone notices. As we can run with Thralls again.

forget pvp for a moment…imagine how fun the legendary creatures and boss are going to be with these changes…

What you mean double the life and less ability to heal will lessen the desire to fight legendary creatures and bosses? Are you suggesting that a game where we do around 300 damage with each hit in some of the best gear possible, fighting creatures with 2 or 3 million hit points would be unenjoyable? Are you really suggesting that hitting something 10,000 times would not be fun? That taking a theoretical hour with 4 people would some how lessen the desire of the player base to experience such things particularly with less healing options?

Because if you are… then you likely are awake and sane.


And this is a complaint. Seriously? WTF and somesuch.

Awake and sane reporting for duty.

Awake and sane too… With the same feeling about the healing.

And… maybe, the dev’s could allow us to use the bandage on an other players ?

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You’re right, this was missing from the patch notes. I’ve added the following line:

  • Bandage healing effectiveness was significantly reduced

Thanks for the heads up. The balance change was intentional. :slight_smile:

Good to know. Thanks for the response.