Bandages need an update

Bandages and improved bandages (Healing wraps/Numbing wraps) currently recover 40/80 health respectively, the same as grilled steak/exotic meat but they also require you to remain still and be out of combat whilst in use.

This makes them pretty much completely worthless with the exception that they remove any bleeding damage after 2-3 seconds of use (a very niche need).

Could we perhaps see an update to bandages to make them worthwhile, such as having no maximum limit on the amount of health recovered, but instead giving players 4/8 health per second (NQ/HQ) once used whilst the player is remaining still and out of combat?
This would make bandages a very viable source of healing between fights as long as once stays still out of combat, it then gives potions their use that they can be used whilst moving & food isn’t just flaunted as the be-all-end-all of healing & hunger recovery that it currently is?


I never use bandages, but I would if standing still and out of combat gave me full health over time. Maybe give honey a better use too with the numbing wraps being faster and maybe even cooling you down.


Maybe also add a low level “bandage” such as “plant wrap” for say a Lv.5 feat, that uses just 3 aloe leaves to make a plant wrap that would do the same thing but at 2health/second over time, (but does not remove bleeding) so that players in the early stages also have an option to heal other than just food.

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To me, two choices.

Leave healing be low, but allow them to cure “more” status, but allow moving, or keep don’t move.


Making healing slightly better, and keep the can not move.

Healing wraps regen stacks with other things, Lasting meal + healing wrap is 200+ health fairly quickly, just sucks you can’t move.

There nice that there light weight, the “can’t move” part of it gets frustrating. (bandaging and moving isnt always smart thing to do…)

I’m a big fan of making wraps high healing if remaining still. They require more labor than ambrosia, aloe pots, aloe soup, set antidotes, and provide no benefit over those. Make them a high heal option if standing still.


I actually think the bandage part is neat having to stand still, except there being no animation tied to it. I completely agree with OP in having a long channel heal that would continue to remove bleeding and heal per second until canceled. Maybe not infinite duration but it should be a considerable amount like 200/400 healing over 20 seconds, respective to the tier.

Bandages and the wasted feat suck. Maybe if you could heal a friend to full health super fast by equipping bandages. You know, create a healer in your clan

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Bandages definitely need an animation. Guess they have not gotten to it on the list. I use them a lot. They are very light and come in handy when I’m not running for my life. Also magical healing steak doesn’t sound right. Everyone would be too constipated to fight if they were constantly gorging haunch while fighting.

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I hope its included in the once told / upcomming animations for consumables, hopefuly they don’t take too long to come.

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