Healing wraps: too little, too late, and not worth the cost

Its no secret that healing wraps are the most inefficient method of healing in the game. You gain access to them at lvl 25 and cost 5 leather and 10 aloe to craft a bundle of 3, each healing only 40 HP and you are required to stand still and unarmed. Meanwhile, at lvl 15 you gain access to aloe extract, which only needs the 10 aloe to craft 1 potion, but this one you can use during combat and the healing recieved improves with your max health. So by the time you are able to craft the bandages, its already been replaced by a much better (and cheaper) option. So how do we make bandages relevant? If you unlock them earlier (between lvls 5-10) and change the leather requirement with plant fiber (cuz they’re “cloth bandages”), new players will greatly benefit from them until they unlock the firebowl cauldron. Numbing wraps should get the same treatment, unlocking at lvl 25 and this time replacing leather with silk (looks more like the icon), providing more advanced players with an alternative method of topping off after a fight so they can save their potions for combat. Why not get rid of the standing still requirement? I understand that the reason it was made this way is because your character is supposed to be bandaging up, so i would prefer if an animation plays that holds you in place so you dont accidentally waste the item (can only cancel by dodging).

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Yes, but you need to put your weapon away, and stop moving for 3 seconds for it to work, and whos gonna do that in the middle of a fight? Youre better off using violet cureall, which you also unlock at lvl 15. See what i mean? Its already obsolete before you even learn it


You can use them only after your battle ends. By this time most bleeding stops by itself - or you die of stacked bleeding! It would be better to stop ONE bleeding at a time, instantly but with some reasonable cooldown, but without all this nonsense “stand still and unarmed for a long time”.


Exactly the problem… You can’t use it when you need it. And when you can finally use it you no longer need it. Now maybe if it were something that you could apply to others for even better healing maybe then it would have a purpose… (Basically a targeted item that when used on another player heals them by a significant amount and removes bleed. Perhaps even make the amount healed by the bandage scale with ones survival skill… and give us the survival skill that lets us use bandages on ourselves in combat.)

You know, have them be the best healing option in the game for someone who’s maxed out their survival skill…


I would love this for pets and thralls, because it takes them forever to heal the damage they take from tanking bosses. Theres also healing arrows but Ive never unlocked that feat


Unlock the first one by default and make it cost 1 plant fiber and 1 aloe for 1 wrap. Make the higher level one require 1 hide and 5 aloe for a stack of 5.

That makes them useful by making them quick to obtain, low cost, field medicine. You won’t be using them in combat, and they won’t be your main source of healing, but if you are in a bad situation far from home, they can be a quick life safer found without much difficulty.

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“Field medicine” is the best way to describe the intention of this rework, a way for players to be able to craft healing items on the go. Having to stand still and unarmed is already enough of a cost, so reducing the crafting requirements further to make them more readily available shouldnt break the game. I hope they take this into consideration

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Yeah, I don’t mind healing wraps and bandages being an item to use out of combat. It’d be good to have something that doesn’t rot you can carry to get back into shape between fights. It’d be better if you had something that could bring your thrall back into shape between fights. If making a targetable item is too difficult to program, how about making them so thralls could “eat” them outside of combat, ie. put them into a thrall’s inventory and they’d automatically use them to heal themselves.

This way I wouldn’t have to shoot them in the butt to dress their wounds. It’s silly. Silly, I say!


Perhaps a better ‘use’ of bandages would be for them to not only heal you for a short while while standing still, but to give a long-lasting buff called ‘medical care’.

Until you are struck again, you heal 5 hit-points every 2 seconds, for a maximum of a minute. That’s 150 hit-points healed … so long as you don’t get hit.

Tier 2 Bandages might heal for 7 hit-points every 2 seconds, for a maximum of a minute. That’s a gain of 210 hit-points.

That turns bandages into a strong utility item that PvPers, Raiders and Griefers can’t spam endlessly to keep themselves upright, useful to use in a fight if you’ve got allies to take the heat off you for a few moments or you’ve just come through a horrific solo encounter that dropped you down to nearly dead. By all means, keep bandages at their current weight and amount created per queue, but making them a thing that most people are going to want to keep a stack or two in their inventory at all times, or at least stockpile them in their bases for future dungeon grinds, makes bandages a useful item to spend points to learn to craft.

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It doesn’t look like they stop the bleed directly. What they’ll do is counteract the damage the bleed is doing to you (bandages can’t be interrupted by damage, only if you move around), and they have enough duration that by the time the banding has ended, you’ve stopped bleeding.

Because bandages do stack, if I’ve been sufficiently injured in a fight, I’ll use a bandage, eat some aloe soup (or whatever) and drink some tea all together. That’ll get you from 10% to full pretty quickly.

The wraps only contribute 40/80 hp though, so the other 2 things youre stacking are doing most of the healing, which is why we are discussing ways to make wraps either more useful or easier to make. As for the bleeding, it was mentioned earlier that by the time youre done fighting whatever triggered the bleed so you can stand still for 3 seconds, the bleed would have stopped by itself. Better off using violet cureall

I don’t bother with them if I don’t have something running on me (poison, bleed) after I’ve dropped out of combat. In any case, I would prefer them to be more useful, but PvPers were apparently displeased, and here we are.

the first one at level 5-10 ish. And use regular hide instead of leather. The numbing could be at level 30, and use silk.

Sorry if already mentioned, but as of last patch, wraps are the ONLY way to cure bleed, making them relevant (aside from letting bleed just run out). Not saying I like them, but just pointing out that FC did make the change.

“Changed how bandages work - It is now possible to remove bleeds instantly using Bandages. Doing so will put a small cripple effect on you instead. Bandages can now also be used while in combat.”

I guess they heard us XDDDD


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