Bandages got nerfed too hard

So I made some T1 bandages that you unlock at level 25, I’m at 279 HP and 1 bandage heals me ~10% when before 1.0 it healed me for roughly most of my HP. My problem with the nerf is that Aloe Extract which can be made at level 15 on a Firebowl Cauldron for 10 aloe (bandages cost 10 aloe and 5 leather made in batches of 3) restores ~25%-30% health per potion. It restores noticeably faster, can be used while moving and with your weapon out. I find it odd how an item you get at level 15 is arguably better than an item at level 25.

Bandages are useless 100%. Even when they healed more they where kinda meh but now they are not worth using EVER.