Healing/eating is broken

I am not sure what was changed in the healing part of the release. Now you cannot heal at all if your taking any kind of damage…Makes playing in the North almost impossible and makes the vitality perks almost worthless. I understand stopping bandages cause it makes sense but not from eating. Feed back would be nice.


nice troll mayn

Check the patch notes and you’ll see one on Healing Rebalance.

Food/potion healing is canceled upon taking damage, but bandages are not. You can bandage through bleed, poison and damage due to the cold.

Playing in the north is super easy with 30 points in Vitality. Fierce Vitality will heal you faster than frostbite can deal damage, provided you have a damage reduction value of about 25% or higher. At 25%, Frostbite deals 3 damage per tick, at 75%, it deals 1 damage per tick.

Basically take Fierce Vitality and the cold is negligible. All it does is prevent you from climbing. Or simply wear a set of fur armor and you won’t take cold damage except in certain places, such as icy lakes or the very top of mountains.