Thralls no longer throwing combos and now mostly useless in combat

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: N/A

Most thralls no longer throw combos with 2-handed weapons in combat. They do 1 single attack and repeat. This renders the thralls ineffective, and just makes the game UGLY and LAME, AGAIN, and makes the QoL frustrating enough that I go play something else while crossing my fingers that a patch will miraculously fix the thralls… AGAIN.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Give thrall 2-handed weapon
  2. Make thrall attack
  3. Watch thrall lazily whack a mob once, reset then whack them once again. (super usless when fighting the rock mobs as they just knock the thrall over and over because he can’t interrupt them with a combo, super infuriating)
  4. Hate the game again and go play something else while waiting god-knows-how-long for another fix
  5. Wish that Funcom realized the pivotal importance of thralls in terms of gameplay for the vast majority of players
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Been wishing this since they trashed AI for thralls and mobs in 2.2… at this point it’s clear they don’t care or are as inept as thralls have become.


Use the original weapon they come with when you deploy them, they will use combos, that’s the best you got atm… i prefer my thralls with s-handed.

Most thralls come with terrible weapons, and even sticking with the same type of weapon I have not had consistent luck with them being able to use the weapon. The 2.3 patch was absolute garbage and Funcom is astoundingly incompetent for following up the dumpster fire of a patch that was 2.2 with more of the same.

Have you tried giving them the original weapon type? like if they have a greatsword, then you give them greatswords that are stronger? I get T4 berserkers that come with Star Metal weapons and I give them weapons + kits to make them stronger and they still do their combos… it’s not ideal, but it’s better than doing single attacks.

I’ve tried giving Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers all weapon types, I try swapping back and forth. Sometimes they’ll work with one, often they’ll work with none at all. Many of them are simply stuck doing single attacks until Funcrom fixes this mess they’ve made.

It’s really nice when you’ve got the Sword of Crom but can’t use it. :angry:

2.4 should resolve most of these instances. 2.4 is available for testing on the public Testlive branch.

There was a thread regarding thrall combos already.
Relic Hunters are my favorite as well but I discovered that the spear wielding RHTS’s will combo with a 2h sword (including Sword of Crom).
Linked thread below, hope it helps. :wink:

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