Looking for a little combat clarification please :)

Hi all,

I’m new to the game and frigging LOVING IT. That said, combat’s a little hard to understand… I’m going to ask a few short questions and I hope that someone can confirm, deny, or answer them :slight_smile: Thanks!

  1. Combos are activated by 4 attacks (or hits?) of any combination of heavy or light attacks, and apply a special effect based on weapon type, right? Or do certain weapons need less hits/attacks and different combinations of type?

  2. Do headshots matter in melee or ranged attacks? I see a perk for 50% more damage with archery when doing a headshot, but I’m not sure if that’s 50% in addition to some other bonus, or just a 50% bonus for the first time :slight_smile: It looks like I do extra damage sometimes, I thought randomly. I did notice you can attack legs/abdomens to cripple though

  3. Throwing axes… LOVE! If using a normal weapon in your main hand, does right clicking still swing the axe, or is that only with another axe? I’ve noticed with an axe and throwing axe there’s this awesome whirlwind move.

  4. PVP wise… aside from a few weapons there doesn’t seem to be that much forward movement when you swing, making moving out of the way fairly easy. Am I just doing it wrong? Also… when no stamina… are you actually slowed down cuz I feel like I can just run away at full speed. Seems sketch.

Thanks again everyone

More or less. One or more of the 1 handed mace only requires 3 clicks, but connects 4 times. Some parts of a combo chain connect more then 1 time during it’s swing, etc. Experiment :slight_smile:

Pretty sure ranged with the perk.

Depends on the combo. Light attacks don’t swing with the axe that I know of, heavy attacks will based on weapon and what part of the chain.

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

Heh, I think you’ve answered questions of mine on the steam forum too XD Thank you!

I was fiddling around with the Shortsword earlier… it seems it has no special qualities other than being a light/fast low stam-consuming weapon?

I also noticed that sometimes my arrows and thrown weapons actually just straight up bounce off a target. I’m not really sure why that happens, lol.

To my GREAT amusement, I also found out that you can retrieve your throwing axes from an opponent’s body… mid fight XD

You might find this current topic as engaging to your inquiry. At the least you could add your own input :relaxed:

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