Bearer will not do a combo attack 1h or 2h

Been trying different weapons and different bearers. Just a single swing, then pause for a beating, then usually have to get back up off the floor to repeat. Even when not getting his, while I am taking the damage, it still will only do a single swing, then rest.

The problem has already been announced to the developers

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Your bearer lives in fear that it might get stuck in a rock. It pauses between attack to check its feet for possible obstacles.

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So my experience is a bit different than what the OP of the thread you shared was saying. In their case, they discuss an age old bug that can be solved by swapping in a preferred weapon (2h to 1h or visa versa). In the situation I am experiencing, my bearers simply won’t combo with anything. Daggers, 1h mace, 1h axe, 2h hammers, 2h axe, pike, short sword, long sword and katana. Not sure if I have missed anything. I skipped ranged.

I’m not on testlive, but my experience with bearers are that they are very picky with their weapons and what they will and won’t do. I find that the all around best weapon for a bearer is a one handed ax. Right now, all our bearers armed with one handed axes, will do combos. Another weapon loadout that seems to work just fine for a bearer, is a one handed ax and a throwing ax. They will and do the heavy combo for sure. Anytime I arm a bearer with a mace or something else (for the record, I never arm a bearer with a two handed weapon), they will attack, but usually do not do a full combo. I think almost all bearers come armed with a one handed ax when placed in the world, although I could be wrong, I have never seen one with anything else out of box.

I tried a 1h axe + throwing axe combo just now and same result. 1 hit then a rest.

Hmmm, that’s odd. Maybe try it in single player? Admin in a Bearer and see what happens? Maybe it is something on Testlive itself.

I’ve now tested Live and TestLive, single and dedicated server modes. Live is fine. TestLive is the issue exclusively. Testlive in both EL and Siptah have the issue.

Definitely, do a formal bug report for it. We don’t want the next content update going live with broken bearers.

There have been numerous bug reports about this. It would really help if Funcom would just clarify whether or not thralls have different combat mechanics (which is perfectly sensible) or if there is some unexpected bug. Personally I don’t expect that a bearer should be as skilled at combat (using all weapon combos) or do as high damage (damage multiplier, str) as a fighter. It also could somewhat make sense that some thralls are better with 2H, some better with 1H (though it does make me sad none of my Aesir Warriors will do 1H axe combos well!).

The main thing is clarity. Based on my experience I suspect the game intentionally has different combat AIs, but I have never heard any official word on this and people bring it up regularly.

It is a bug, of that I am confident. Bearers have their attributes and perks weighted towards their class, so they should always end up a weaker fighter than fighter or archer classes. My T4 starts with 100 survival - yay :frowning:

For me personally, I play with a 50 encumber build as soon as I hit 60. Fights may not be as quick, but not having to make choices of what to loot and leave makes me far more efficient in the long run. Obviously I’m PvE. So my bearer will probably not get used much, but I love collecting and leveling my favorites.

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