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Just curious to know what types of weapons that you are arming your bearers with. I have a T4 bearer who will only swing a weapon once, pause, swing a few moments later, etc. That is, he never uses combos. Is this intentional? Maybe he’s bugged? I’ve tried giving him every weapon type that I know of and the result is invariably the same: one swing, pause, repeat sequence.


If you recall the original weapon type I would try that. Been plenty of complaints hopefully upcoming patch fixes it during Sipath update. @Wren .

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Yeah, I looked at the PC patch notes for 2.4 and there was specifically a section that dealt with Thralls and weapon combos :eyes: I forget the exact wording, someone who knows better than me will probably quote the patch notes, but it did seem to address the combo issue. Something about T1s and 2s doing simple combos while 3s and 4s/named Thralls would use more complex combos?

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2H sword, always :slight_smile:

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Thralls seem to have problems with their depth perception - they often hit too short and miss their target. Two-handed swords seem to avoid that problem best, as they hit a very large area.

Combos or not, that makes two-handed swords a good choice.

I try to just follow the rule of thumb and stick with whatever type of weapon they had when I got them.


I usually get the glow axe for bearer, so i can swing 2h myself while she fumbels with her attacks, at least providing me with some lights at nights.


Fixed for the most part on 2.4. Still occasional bug outs, but that is another issue with AI activating in general.

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As for recommended…I say Feroxic Spear. Bleed and stagger for any t3 or above bearer. becomes a tank nuisance when pvping.

Some good suggestions/info here. Thanks! I think that I’ll wait to see if the update this week corrects his behavior.

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