Pugilist Thralls

Test-Live Server - US - Siptah

My T3 bearer thrall has decided that she prefers to be a pugilist instead of a swordswoman.

I arm her with an Ancient Great (Two-Handed) Sword in her main hand.

We go into combat and in the middle of combat, she puts the sword away and starts fighting with her fists.

This only started happening to me yesterday.


  1. armor thrall with sword
  2. go into combat
  3. watch the thrall switch from weapon to fist during combat.

Thralls have a new weapons bug in 2.3 it seems. Not doing combos unless they have a favorite weapon, or in the case of bearers, no combos at all. Mine don’t go bare knuckled like yours, but it won’t surprise me if they do at some point.

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Ya, I’m not able to confirm or reproduce the “Bearers not doing anything” that you have reported. But I am seeing some issues I’m able to reliably reproduce. I’m working on a bug report about it right now.


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