Two Weapon Fighting Question



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Is there anyway to fight with an AXE and a THROWING AXE and NOT have the character throw the throwing axe?

If not, can I suggest an off-hand axe that cannot be thrown as an option?


As far as i know, last i used the axe/throwing axe setup, It didn’t throw it. But it only works with the light combos. heavy combos may have it throw it If that helps.


I have not experienced this either. By far double-axes is my favorite dual-wield weapons and I’ve used different combos switching back and forth between heavy and light attacks and have not thrown the axe yet.

The combo I like the best is heavy, light, light, heavy to helicopter. Sometimes I use heavy, light, heavy to helicopter because the double axe hit does more damage, but I feel the light attacks make the combo smoother. Just my preference I suppose. I always start heavy for the lunge attack , then light for the leg sweep.


Are you using a controller? If so, are you only using the right button and the right trigger?

I think I might have hit the left button/trigger when it threw the throwing axe.


Yes PS4, sorry I should have clarified. I’m using the alternate button setup. Square and Triangle.


I am using Xbox with standard controller set up.

I might make a few low grade throwing axes and practice.

I really hate when it throws the high grade weapons away.


I believe with the throwing axe it will throw if you press the block button, it used to work just fine but been a little buggy for me as of late, sometimes it throws sometimes it doesnt.


I think I might have panic or thought I need to use the block button to use the throwing axe in melee combat.

I will definitely have to test it.


That’s right. If you hit the block button, you’ll throw the throwing axe. if you just use light and heavy attaks, you’ll keep the throwing axe.



Obviously, there was a PEBCAK issue when I was playing or an 1D10T error, which kept causing my axe to be thrown! LOL


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