Jav and throwing axe + chain

instead of lettings us stack them like everyone wants including me really, how about we make a new upgrade called a wrist chain that simply returned the items to our wheel for continued use with saya cooldown timer? i mean since lockon is mostly melee range anyways kinda makes sense…

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I like this option, I mean I like the idea of stacking thrown items but lets be honest here how many axes or spears are you really going to carry two three at best?

On the other hand it seems to me that if I am using a thrown weapon that I lose that weapon randomly if I need to climb something or if I miss. If I throw an axe at someone and miss and then succeed at killing them, I am going to look for my axe. It might be dinged up but it is still going to be there to find the fact that I need to craft a new one every time I drop it to switch to a sword or miss a throw is a tad silly.

If I need to put a chain on my axe so that I can keep using it till it actually breaks then I want a chain on my axe.

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exactly, and whats worse is once you throw them now its almost impossible to to find, now if they glowed a blue or yellow it wouldnt be so bad, but i cant tell you how many times i set my controller down and threw it into oblivion lol

only to find it wedge into a black rhino butt. then you question life and wonder if you can sneak by.

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This is another way, that thrown weapons would become an actual thing to use… not saying they are bad now, but I’m pretty sure a lot of people won’t use them because they need to make a new one if they somehow end up throwing it :slight_smile: Great idea

For javelins, this could possibly also be a sort of “stand-in” for a heavy attack :slight_smile: i fully support this, hopefully this will be looked at

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Sounds interesting, if I could a place like that maybe I’ll bring my friends to try it out. But we are really like hanging out at HeberHatchets it will be hard to persuade them.