New Weapon Additions

So one of my favorite things about this game is the weapons and combo system with fighting, its very fun and on almost every server I’ve played on I have build arenas for people playing to come and fight in.

While there is a good number of weapons currently available, how often are new weapons going to be added? Also with the changes to offhand weapons a while ago, would it be possible to add current one handed weapons as offhand weapons and add more combos?

I’d like to see dual wielding swords or maces and have it also change the light attack chain as well as the heavy. The improvements to the shield and throwing axe made using them so much more fun, I never liked using the old mace much because the heavy combo wasn’t in my taste but using it now with a shield is awesome! The uppercut on that bad boy is insane. While brand new weapons are cool I think a big improvement would be adding offhand versions of existing one handed weapons.


Agreed, I would love to dual wield my battleaxes.


Anything is possible, but it would require a fairly substantial change to how weapons are thought of / equipped: currently whether something is “offhand” is determined by the weapon type, and nothing you do can change it. Most weapons are “main hand”, a few (daggers) are both hands / counts as two-handed (technically the same thing, really), throwing axes, torches and shields are off-hand - and that’s about it.

Not that I’m against that at all, I’m all for more options (as long as they’re not functionally irrelevant due to meta the way most armors are).

Yeah I’m not a dev but based on how some things are used now, maybe they could make a “special” set of off-hand swords/axes etc but just use all the same skins. Or add “combined” sets that make it a combo like daggers, just have a dual axe combo a dual sword combo etc.

Oscar, the lead designer, touched on this on one of the live streams around the time the Pet Patch came out. Basically said what Mikey posted above. You might try skimming through Multiguns’ breakdowns of the Live streams to find which one it was in.

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