An Idea That’s Been Brewing For A While

I’ve been thinking of a way of adding more variety to the game when it comes to combat, but wasn’t quite sure how. It’s been in the works for a couple months maybe, and now I have an answer. And it was thanks to the Katana.
The Katana is a two-handed sword, but has a different move set. So what if we had different variants for already established weapons? Advanced versions. Versions that would let us have a more skillful play style after using something long enough.
It could be obtained by named Thralls in the world who have mastered their given weapons. Could use a Legendary repair kit on them.
What do you think?


Not a bad idea, though i dont see the devs implenting this. You alright have different combos between the light and heavy attacks, Also each type of weapon already has their move set. I do like the idea of a trainer to increase weapon effiency. Kinda like having a weapon mastery that u can grind for, and it gives you like 10% extra damage or something.

To keep the game balanced though i dont forsee the mastery including legendary weapons.

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I don’t think I’d say it’d be one of those “super high damage weapons,” but something for flair. But if there is a way to increase its damage like you said, that’d be cool too.

“Keep the game balanced”

Just because of the fact that the combat system is missing multiple mechanics, balance is always really far off. Maces have always had 0 use because of how important range is, and spears have dominated for a long time for the same reason.

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