Give Hammers some actual love!

Due to the slow swing of the hammers, if I ever use a two-handed weapon (which is rare), it’s either the axe or the sword, in fact, I think apart from the spear (or the cheese stick as it should be known as), the axe is probably better.

Again, I agree. Spamming heavys is lame. Thats why I prefer the Hammer. Also I do agree, the hammer is in a far better spot now. Sunder is however very situational, since most enemies dont have great armor and a spiked weaponfitting easily outweighs the effect. If u leveled strength however having to mix between heavy and light attacks makes a difference of hitting with a 10% or 25% damage bonus, wich drops the damage significantly…

I happily do the tradeoff for more fun for less damage. Would be nice if I didnt have to though.

Also if all weapons hit for the same amount of damage, only skill and learning the unique moveset would set players apart. I get why many dont want that… I admit, I would love it.

Jep. Axe is king. TWO great effects, highest damage, ability to use a shield… the moveset doesn’t appeal to me at all though.

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