Revert the heavy attack back to what it was

the changes you made to the heavy attack suck, there was no reason to make this change.


Which weapon?

was using blade of the adventurer

Totally agree with you Grimm , heavy attacks by greatswords are really bad right now , pity, it was my favorite weapon . They changed it to do better cc but right now there is no cc at all with this weapon

They have stated that they have learned from past mistakes of releasing something way OP. They would be tweaking with hot fixes once they got feed back of live use. I agree with this strategy, as if they released on what they thought would be perfect, it usually ends up being way OP, but when the balance it back down, 75% of the forum who used the item as meta cries NERF!!!. So now we can say BUFF!!! when they re-balance.

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I’ll chime in as this the greatsword was my fave. Cripple/Stagger would have made it better. But I prefer the old animation.

I agree. Two hand sword feels wrong now. The light attack is okeyish but the heavy is like you put in a pause between every blow waiting for the enemy to counter you. And they do. That way you have difficulties even against easy npcs.

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While the intention was to improve crowd control for two handed sword, the attacks are now so slow that cc is near impossible. Two handed sword and hammer already had the best cc in game. Now it doesn’t even cripple properly or sunder.

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What I hate is that the justification for the change was to improve the Greatsword’s crowd-clearing ability by making the first heavy a sweep… Even though the combo system meant greatswords already had great cleave if you opened and finished with light attacks instead of heavies.

Also - why did they rework the greatswords to be awful like this in the same damn patch that introduced the greataxe. Instead of the greatsword keeping it’s balanced identity with the emphasis on high damage, we have two useless weapons.

If this is a petition, I sign it. Thanks. :slight_smile:

The 2H greatsword used to be my go-to PvE weapon. But with the changes, no more, I’m sad to say. A crowd-control weapon can’t have such a slow delay that it’s useless against crowds (well, duh!).

Somehow I don’t remember ANYONE complaining that the 2H greatsword was OP. So why change it? Just to annoy the fan base? If so, Funcom succeeded.


i agree…the 2H sword is useless right now. I have seen many bad patch in many game but this one is the worst. I never seen this before that an update takes all the fun^^

Literally all they needed to do to make the greatsword more usable was speed up the initiation of the first heavy attack (aka the overhead chop). I don’t mind what they’ve done with it, but it’s so slow and ineffective now it’s actually worse than before.

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