Updates to the Greatsword

Hello all!

So the greatsword received an update lately, most importantly changing the speed and power of the shield smash.

I personally think this was a very bad change, and it both weakened and slowed the attack. I thought the attack was fine the wai it was.

I can understand people might have thought it was overly powerful. The issue here is changing two variables to balance something.

my suggestion is to either return the strength of the attack or the speed of the attack. right now its just a neet animation. it does less than another combo attack to monsters like the sabercat, and takes far to long to time and land for it to be a viable strategic attack. If it did a whopping amount of damage that wind up would be worth it, and if it where faster it would be a good shield smash.

so there’s my 2 cents.

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As I am playing most with the greatsword, I agree with th op.
More detailed: When the Overhead chap came some months ago and replaced the kick, it was the first time that the greatsword had the possibility to cause “worthy” damage at a cost of stamina (2 hits and stamina was empty) So it was allways a tradeoff, it had to be the final strike to be worthy the tradeoff.
At first greatsword was too slow and could be hyperarmored by npc to easy. this was fixerd some weeks later. Neverless it has a reasonable delay after the Overhead chop (the char kneels down and it needs several seconds before you get control back) This makes it not valid in a fight, as you are vulnerable very long after the chop.
It was good for some months, together with the two 25% additions through strength perks.
Now it seems too much nerv alltogether. The Overhead strike lost his power and the damage reduction makes the Greatsword too weak now. It is a heavy weapon so it must produce severe damage for the tradeoff in stamina & beeing slow.

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I definitely agree, 100 % . It’s pretty out of balance as of now. With the big Nerf, you might as well use anything else that moves faster than a 2 handed weapon.

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