Great swords are Pretty great now!

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Hey, it’s been a long time since I logged into Conan, or this Forum! But I saw the update and some notes about the combat changes and decided to hop on and check them out.


I love the greatsword changes! It’s the best! It’s finally starting to feel fleshed out, tactical, compitant, and we’ll great!

I’d still like to see a jump attack, but man it’s pretty dang good the way it is, please don’t change it any time soon!


Lol it must have been a long time since you have played, the recent update removed the fourth hit from heavy combo, removed stagger and hyper armor, added longer pauses between attacks, actually a huge nerf to them, so pretty much most single handed weapons are now better than a 2 handed swords, even a light attack is better to use than heavy in most situations which in my opinion feels a bit weird :smile:


The greatsword was so much better prior to this patch. It used to be an awesome weapon with a clear identity (direct damage) and flexible moveset that still had weaknesses, and now it’s hot garbage.

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Huh, that’s weird. I mean I liked it before but it seems like the first two strikes are way faster now, and giving it a power attack allows you to put a devestating hit into any combo string. In particular I really like the speed of it now, it just allows better tactical decisions.

Before, all of the weapons where kinda clunky and slow, only any good against NPCs. I much prefer the new mechanics.

I’m still not a fan of the one handed sword though. I like the decision to make that a very linear weapon with focused attack box, but it seems a little to linear at the moment. It’s hard to hit anything with it.

Also, j like that the characters aren’t breakdancing with their greatswords during the combo strings any more hahaha. That always put me out of the immergence of the game.

Yeah I’d say close to a year lol. I sorta got fed up with bad combat mechanics hahaha! Is it ironic that the new mechanics that you don’t like drew me back and the old mechanics you did like drove me away?

@jesstheripper Exactly! And the spear/polearm move too. Not entirely sure about the shortsword, but hey-ho. And the new armours - these forgive a Lot of sins!

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It is funny yes, hopefully you can find someone to test the new mechanics with! :wink:

now seriously, 2-handed sword was the main weapon my barbarian was using, and believe me that now it IS slower than before. Or maybe I’m just fantasizing… almost all people I’ve discussed this with agree on the slowness of the weapon now. I am glad for you that you like the new mechanics, for me it’s a waste now, but not complaining any more, swtiched to other weapon, and done. My greatswords lay now in a weapon rack, at least those I cherised before, the rest are already dismantled. :slight_smile:


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