Opinions on short swords & 2H axe


Hello Exiles!

So I’ve taken the short sword and 2h axe to combat both against the environment and against players. Here are my opinions.

The short sword is amazing and absolutely dominant. It’s fast and the simple animations for light attacks make it easy to control both the weapon and combat!

The 2H axe is a bit slow for pvp, but again it is very easy to use, and it’s combat animations leave it easy to control!

What I really Notice is that simplifying the light attacks to a 2 hit repetitive combo leaves all of the combat strategy to the player rather than a preset combo. I really think every weapon could use a simplifyed combo system.

All in all, the changes to the other weapons are great as well! Good work!

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I quite agree, I love the addition of the short sword, me being a bit of a (read: huge) Roman Legion nerd.


Nice! Also, contrary to popular belief, Conan in the books and comics almost always used a short sword. And hardly ever one he owned in the beginning of the book lol.

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Comics, maybe. I have read only a few of those. But in the original stories by Howard, the most common weapon in Conan’s hands is “a sword”. Not specified any further - Ewart Oakeshott hadn’t yet published his typology of Medieval European swords. Sometimes it’s “a great sword” (which doesn’t equal to a greatsword) or “a long sword” (which doesn’t necessarily mean a longsword). Sometimes it’s one-handed, sometimes two-handed. On occasion he uses a saber or scimitar.

Yes, Conan does use short swords or poniards sometimes, but those aren’t his weapons of choice, rather, circumstances force him to use one because he has nothing else at hand. I wouldn’t say he “almost always” used short swords.

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Lol of the books like God in the Bowl, Rogues in the House, The Elephant Tower, Iron Shadows in the Moon, and even the Black River he pretty much just kills with whatever is around lol. In his thieving days he’s almost naked all of the time or just getting out of jail!

You gotta remember he isn’t so much the tank barbarian as depicted in the movies but instead a pirate, a thief, a mercenary, etc. And none of the books are written in chronological order, and barely tie together.

Speaking of that, I think Dark horse Comics did a great job putting them into order and filling out the gaps. Both collections sit happily on my bookshelf!

Including using a stool and a jewel chest as throwing weapons.

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I feel that the weapon overhauls were overwhelmingly a success. The Short Swords are a cool, nimble little addition which adds some nice agility to the combat without feeling overpowered. The two handed Great Axes on the other hand are a tad bit disappointing to me. First I am so, SO glad they made it into the game! The 2 hit light attacks are simple and effective enough. However I dislike the whole spinning top attack from the heavy attack. It does not chain together with the light attacks at all, and we already had spin attacks with the Warhammer. I feel a single, crushing, possibly charged overhead attack would have been more interesting and realistic. For now I mainly use them in easy biomes for kicks. They also look great on Display Racks.

Now to digress a wee bit here, there is only one weapon which I feel needed a rework but didnt get it in the weapons update:

Maces…they really need some love, more than any other weapon right now.


And I feel and see the complete difference.

FC has basically destroyed a well beloved weapon type at PvE = 2h sword.

I have never seen auch a low player amount at the server I play, since the game came out.

The same with enough threads at reddit… No one likes that change for the 2h sword.
The only good thing was the overhead chop, but because of its massive amount of dmg the Annihilator got nerfed, which upset even more PvE players…

The 1h short sword seems good, the 2h axe kinda… Not bad, but not good either.

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I don’t understand how you came to this conclusion. These weapons feel sluggish and slow and are completely immersion breaking as well as all of the new weapon reworks.

You think the two handed axe spin to win is a good and thoughtful weapon mechanic?

For the most part I’ve gathered the majority of this community spams one attack skill instead of alternating between R1 and R2 attacks( example: some people actually believe the two handed sword is better at dealing with mobs now lol). These two weapons further remove alteration in attacks and promote boring and unimaginative combat.

I find it hard to log in these days.


The axe is still amazing. Love it.
The short sword feels great but I do wish it would interact with the shield more. Adding the knockback bash. Personally that is what is missing for me.

Overall its a solid edition. I’m happy about it and can’t wait until we get some legendaries.


I completely forgotten about the maces! They’ve sort of been a big disappointment to me so I just never used them lol. I’m not even sure what can be done to make them better.

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I’m not sure I agree lol. I sorta do, the combo was always there light heavy heavy heavy or light light heavy heavy. But now you can drop the power attack anywhere in the combos. Two quicks and a power attack. Fast heavy then bam! It’s needed my pvp when I’m running with a friend big time, being able to drop the power attack on an enemies skull while your clan mate staggers them is critical!

I can agree the opening heavy attack with the greatsword will never get any use from me, but it never did before anyway. So I’m satisfied lol.

On another note the longswords got some much needed fixing! I hated their animations before, now I’m in love with them!

Everyone has forgotten about maces. Im not sure what can be done either. They have a similar moveset to the axe in many waysm. So its not a skill issue. I use love tap.

But to be honest the mace for somw reason just doesnt perform due to its speed maybe? Not 100% sure to bw honest.

They need some love. That is for sure. Less jump like the axe and more realistic clubbing attacks would be preferred.

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The short swords I like.

The changes to two handed swords… I preferred them the way they were. I find it more cumbersome to change together light and heavy attacks in a way that I like now. I may just need some adjustment time with the weapon.

The changes to spears… i preferred them the way they were. You could already perform just a straight forward lunge attack that didn’t strike your allies if you used it properly when in those situations, and the light attacks sweeping attacks were nice.

The great axes… are a joke. The spinning top heavy attack? Who that that up? It is ridiculous. Give me an actual attack chain that doesn’t give me motion sickness.

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Wait, combos aren’t always 4 attacks?


Fiddling with the short sword, I didn’t notice any special effects on it (bleed, cripple, et al). It seems to be just a fast-attacking, light-stamina-consuming, small-hit-area weapon. I’m not experienced enough to know if the speed would allow you to interrupt people’s attacks or not, but I’m guessing maybe? Seems to be less friendly-fire prone :smirk:

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Right now it causes alot of stagger. It’s a quick hit for decent damage, and if you get your enemy stuck in a stagger their doomed

Yeah the spinning with the great axe is a little much lol. I would prefer to have that as the “special attack” and a power combo on the strong attack button.

Also, if kick could knock an enemy down it would be more useful. Right now it just feels like a place holder while they think up better combo’s.

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Or if the push-back of the kick would push NPCs off cliff edges more reliably. Now they feel rooted on the spot when they’re on the edge. The kick is useful against NPCs hiding behind shields, but they don’t seem to do that very often these days - it used to be more common to see them behave like tortoises before the AI combat update.


Personally, after some comprehensive testing, I find the great axes to be sorely disappointing. Their damage output as of right now lags behind most legendary 1 hand weapons. They are also slow. The take up before 1st swing takes much longer than other weapons. Maybe if we could see some legendary 2 hand axes with more damage, they would be worthwhile. As of right now? Not so much.

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It would be nice to see a faster light attack, and possibly a slam attack similar to the greatsword. I think breaking the weapon combos up into simple actions that can then be string together at the players discretion is a smart step towards a more comprehensive combat system though.

I can agree too that after messing with them for a bit they usually just sit in a chest next to my Conans Atlantian Sword lol. Even thralls have a hard time using them.

BUT I’m hopeful for them! Their really cool, and this is round one with them, so I’m sure some feedback will help that out! @Jens_Erik

Short swords couldn’t be better though in my opinion!