So, what's your favorite weapon type?

Just a general discussion for fans, as the title says, what’s everyone’s favorite weapon types? and why? I don’t play PVP much so my opinion more stems in PVE.
Personally, my favorite is the War Axe with a Shield or a Hammer. Maces are fun if you have a shield against human NPC just to send them flying at the end of a combo.
NPC having daggers at lower levels can sometimes get broken. I remember one of my first times playing CE, I came out of the desert and found an exile camp that had a cook. he hit me about six times, and my health just tanked to 0. but then Bleed damage does basically nothing to NPC unless coupled with poison. Which sucks because I enjoy the animation of the daggers, but they don’t help in the mode I play on.
I hear Daggers and Spear are best in PVP, but is it like, “You have to use these two weapons or you’re screwed”?

Hmm… daggers and some 2h. Only because I hate the way most of the weapons clip through the hands it looks silly. Spears are probably the worst. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never noticed any clipping from the War Axe, I have a little from the hammer though so I get what you mean. I’m mainly a light armor user too, because I know that changes how most people play in a battle setting. I’m personally not a big fan of the short sword animations. but the 2H sword is pretty fun, just broken if you get a Legendary one. I know The Blade of The Adventurer has something like 76 damage.

Previously my go to weapon was always a mace because it has better armor penetration.
To a point, it still is.
But I’ve discovered some luxuries of war axes such as The Executioner’s Axe and a Dragonbone Axe, of course my favorite sword, “Telith’s Lament”.

All the above used with a good shield.
Two handed weapons leaves me feeling vulnerable.

I used to be all about the 2H sword, but last I was able to really play, my top 3 are

2H Hammer
1H Axe / Shield
1H Axe / Throwing Axe

Conversely, my least favorite are

2H Axe (shame, my most anticipated weapon)

1 hand Axe and Throwing axe is SO fun. I wish the 2 Hand Axe was actually good, but its so dull and boring for attacks, the spin for the double axe combo is just more satisfying.

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see, I’m not a big fan of the combos for One hand swords sadly. that’s just me, but the initiate heavy attack from war axe is the reason I use it. It’s such a good gap closer. not to mention the end of the combo adds 2 bleed stacks. Dragon Bone Axe is my go to unless I have a Legendary one.

Bow and arrow as my thralls do most of the fighting pvp Axe/shield sword/shield daggers and bow if they try running away. Sometimes I’ll help my thrall out with a 2h sword my thralls use sword of crom so dont take long to take something down.

Sword of Crom is the one that one hits people but allows you to be one hit, right? and I enjoy Bow and Arrow, fun to troll boss monsters with it. climb up high and fire Explosive and Noxious arrows. make bigg 'splosions.
Edit, I looked it up and it just drains your stamina, I don’t know what I was thinking of. lmao. but I can see how that would be a good combo.

Axe and shield does feel pretty solid. Heavy attacks are still quick and snappy and just swapping shields for climate change/ armor bonus is pretty nice.

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plus the bleed damage from the end of the combo as well as a knockback on the last hit on most enemies. I think it’s one of the most solid weapons for bosses. granted I use light armor, full heavy combo, roll back for healing/stamina recovery as well as the distance for the beginning of the combo again. continuous bleed stacks and usually a few sunders or cripples i cant remember which off the top of my head.

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SOC no not one hit it now does 91 hp damage without any upgrade. Makes everything easier put that on my named bearer go hunting, dungeons, just everything in general I use a bow she mows them down in minutes. Some boss fights will take a little longer 7 to 8 minutes. ( Hey I’ll just put my sword away and stand there sometimes) happens lol.

yeah, I looked it up and saw that. I can see how that would work. especially if the healing arrows work on thralls, I don’t know I’ve never tried.

Yes healing arrows work only on thralls.

That’s how I had to jump in on the arena champion when I realized my berserker was getting pummeled into the ground

by only on thralls you mean not pets, correct? because I now they work on at least clan mates. that’s how me and one of my buddies used to fight dragons. lmao.

The combo for the axe is just wonderful. I only have one complaint on it, which im not sure if it has been fixed or not. I remember a time when the jumping attack from the war axe would get me stuck underneath Boss Rhino heads or on top of Boss Croc heads.

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Ya they won’t heal your pets

Difficulties in crafting aside, ‘Havoc and Malice’ is always a fun time.

Once you get the movement figured out you can become a little tornado of death and chop down any enemy that cannot step on you!

Edit: Answered the question, Daggers!

I now have a new goal for my fragments of power. Thanks for the info. lmao. I had never seen Havoc and Malice before now. i assume the animation resembles using the one hand axe and a throwing axe.