Favourite weapons

Does anyone have a favourite weapon they prefer to use ? Like not the best sword :dagger: sheild or bow, or it could be the best in the game for your class …I mean has anyone got attached to there pointy thing? Mine is nergals scimitar of the burning sky I have t4 hox sword but I just love my t3.5 sword more as it was the first raid sword I obtained and have so many fond memories of chopping arms legs and heads of with it.
Iam I the only one or do others still use the foil there fond of :joy:

For me it’s the T4 healer blunt + talisman on my ToS, they fit so perfectly to my whole vanity armor. I got the T6 staff but I hate how damn ugly it looks, like some rusty old street sign pole you find in some abandoned streets. Too bad the T4 weapons got like 50 magic damage less and no T6 blessings.

For my barb it’s the T2 quest sword, I like using a 2 handed swords as barb but I only got this and the T4 sword and the T4 one looks ugly as hell.

How I wish there was weapon vanity. I still don’t understand why they can’t introduce it. They said it would bring too many problems with the different weapon types and all the animations that make it impossible to create weapon vanity. Hm… why not just disable equipping a 2 handed blunt when you got a 2 handed edge weapon as power gear? That wouldn’t mess with any animations since all 2 handed edge weapons use the same (swords as well as axes). Whatever, I guess we need to endure the look of ugly weapons, at least there is vanity for normal gear.

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Yeah I totally agree with the vanity weapons point. t4 hox sword looks like a spiky fishing rod :fishing_pole_and_fish: ! Haha

Ahhh yes the searing sword t2 quest reward loved that as well when I first got it I started raiding temple of erilik with that sword many years ago

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The T1/2/3 necro daggers, Dark Heart, Akivneteh, Witchspire, Obliteratus, Vermiculated Token of All Fiends, Deathwhisper, Vanaheim Raidbreaker, Asgardian Snowaxe, Lemurian Firestick, Erlik’s Scythe of the Reaper, The Might of Arctos, Deepwound, Soulsplitter/Lucis, Darksun, Falchion of the Blue East, Skullcleaver, Gargantuan Fist/Agonizing Bludgeon, Slaughter, Vyre, Black Vash, Misery/Turbulent Warhack, Tigerswipe, Nithing Beheader, Keen Claidhmore, Warmonger’s Shield, Shield of Amra, Drazgal’s Fabled Shield, Mammuthus Shield, Battlewarden, Ceana’s Wolfguard

And I’ve kept most of those for nearly ten years now :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and of course the pan! Especially on dual wield!


I haven’t seen the pan in ages :joy:.i might level a bard to hoard more weapons …I think I have an obsession with sharp things .

I prefer the bow, I feel like I am Katniss Everdeen. LOL

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I run as a WotS Conq, so I usually try to DW something that would cause a lot of pain like the sad ists the WotS are. However I’m stuck with master bundle weapons because I can’t get any :stuck_out_tongue: it’s like bad luck.

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Polearms , T3 - long and nice. T3,5 looks very nice too and also Archeologian polearm.

T6 polearm
t6 1h sword
t6 priest blunt + shield
t6 sin daggers
t5 str 2h blunt

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I know it’s a pain trying to get your weapons from raids and competing on rolls. But there are some very nice weapons from factions in Khitai it’s just a grind fest trying to get them :weary: think for conq try moon priests 2he or tigers for 2 very nice 1he

Oooh long pointy things :joy: yeah I like the t4 polearm looks sweeet

Yeah t6 weapons some of the best looking in the game …shame about the armor looks like you’ve fell over in a museum and have a load of old bones stuck to you …hox t6 looks like a pinapple :joy:

T3 bow is the best one in game.
I also like the look of most of the Acheronian 2he.

Problem is the lack of Khitai Dungeon runners On Crom. And in Zath I’m stuck with traditional XP grind till 80…

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You only have to wait 2 months till Crom will be super busy hopefully meanwhile enjoy the silence on Crom I love doing faction quests try doing some easy solo dungeons refuge of the apostate, isle of iron statues, dead manshand, vanahiem forgotten city and breach to get the rare relics you’ll have your weapons in no time :+1:t3:

T6 polearm is ugly for me :confused:

Who wants to wait 2 months? Lol. And also, solo dungs are a waste of time and boring tbh…

I totally forgot about the T6 blunt + shield for PoM / ToS, those weapons look incredibly awesome but sadly, when compared to the T6 staff they are kinda useless, same magic damage, no healrating and less critical rating… not a great trade off for some armor and costitution in my opinion.

Once the Saga server ends I will probably claim the T6 scroll with my barb, the two gladius-like 1 handed swords look really cool but I still don’t know if it’s really worth it when compared to my current weapons, T3 axe and T2 axe… well, they will be better for sure but I don’t know if taking the 2 handed sword would be a better option.

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Depends what you want do do, for max damage, the best combination ingame is T4 tali + 1h blunt from T6. But the most logical choice for balance if u’re not sure you will get a nice healing weapon is to go for staff :slight_smile:

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That’s true, T4 tali + T6 blunt gives a little more damage but still, I don’t think sacrificing almost 1k healrating for 8 magic damage is really worth it :wink: Especially because it saves the weapon switching which isn’t possible while spellweaving.