Kuthchemes weapons that are worth getting


I’ve been looking at the Kuth weapons lately and noticed that some don’t really seem to be all that great considering the grind for them (some of the 4000 relics one in specific) I grinded the 2HB for my BS and then shortly after ended up getting the T4 DPS one. Turns out that one is actually better for DPS.

Some of the other ones I noticed seemed underwhelming compared to even T4 gear were the DT weapons. Sure with the Prot gem the Tali isn’t too bad, but again it’s not much better then even the 3.5 talisman.

So I was wondering if anyone can maybe sum up which weapons are actually worth grinding for ?


Necro/Demo Dagger & Staff (Dagger for non-onslaught, Staff for more Onslaught)
PoM/ToS Staff
DT Tali

I did look a bit into the HoX Impaler version, and that could maybe be better than T6 if fully & perfectly gemmed, but not 100% sure. Not worth grinding 4k tokens for and the amount of time/gold it would take to get all gems too if you have T6 already.

The Guard+DT shield can be good in high waves of Onslaught, but I do not see where you would need all that survivability anywhere else tbh. This is talking from a T6 perspective. It’s less dmg than the other shields iirc.

For BS you should get T3 craft. Shillelagh of Soggoth. It’s the best DPS blunt for BS.

If you cannot get T6 weapons, then I guess more or less all Onslaught weapons are worth it with maybe a few exceptions(?). I haven’t compared them really to T4, only T6. If you can get T6 weapons only the few I listed at the top is worth imo.

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Yeah that’s what my impression is so far as well. The healer and mage weapons seem to be the best. Everything else is kinda… if you can’t get T6 and can bear to grind it out… sure.

Conq 2h is pretty good once you add gems. But I guess kinda like the DT/guard shield, if you have enough survivability already for the content you’re doing, meh.

The guard/DT shield is low aggro and damage but it’s nice to have it for some situations (not sure about Guard though, you are looking at serious diminishing returns I imagine but on DT it gives an obscene amount of physical mitigation).

Edit: I would actually add that the 1h sword can be good to have on DT as well because it lets you splash on more mobs and that means more taps and procs etc. Yes I would not use it for single target fights ever but it makes a very significant difference when it lets you hit more mobs at once than other weapons.


I have the shield for hard hitting raid bosses on my dt and the tali is a nice survivability tali with prot gem in

When Funcom commits to incompetence they commit 100%.

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Hey , you’re not wrong :sweat_smile:

Main hand conq weapon isnt terrible offhand.

They’re all worth getting on every character because something something better than t6 something something too easy to get.

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