Dilemma with gear

Started playing my old DT from pvp saga server just before Christmas…loving this class soo much geared him up pretty quickly but !!! I have enough tokens for T4 weapon but don’t know which one to get tali or sword. Currently have Ibis with bels Crit and magic dmg gems and Kuth tali with prot gem …which t4 weapon should I go for ??? Sword looks sooo cool though but love bels mirth and VoM :stuck_out_tongue:

The tali won’t do much over the Kuth one. Sacrifice a bunch of armour for 1% more crit chance (I mean that’s great on DT I know, but still).

The sword is really the way to go because it’s overall great and gives you a lot more consistency in terms of damage and self healing versus the ibis. The ibis is not bad but it’s more about burst and not nearly as reliable.

Losing crit chance on DT sucks but just spend your rares on crit pots so you can have one running 24/7 and don’t worry about it.

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Thanks been trying to divide for awhile :joy: ibis has health tap aswell but T4 has 60 more magic dmg and more CR plus armor from strength…can still keep ibis and change it to a prot sword

You could get the t4 dt sword and never replace it really :stuck_out_tongue:

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I know it’s the best weapon for DTs looks cool aswell …just sad to hang up my trusty ibis :joy: I’ll miss getting full stacks of VoM and bells mirth proccing and just deleting there health bar

And yet you probably play with crit gems in your RF rings where you give up 400 armour and 75 prot for 40 crit, but you’re not willing to give up 310 armour for 35 crit :smiley:

What you’ve Got in your RF rings? Crit gems or armor / prot?

Only got my first RF ring 2 weeks ago no gems in it yet but will be going for Crit or fierce gems want to get ashure and silver currently have 19.9% Crit chance without pots

Well yeah I’m absolutely always trying to max my crit chance (and potential critting procs) on DT so I will sacrifice armour all the time. I found the ibis to be inconsistent vs t4 sword for tanking (probably the low base dps is the issue) but I got maniacal now and that definitely works even better for me. Hence my recommendation for this guy here.

I don’t use the Kuth tali that often myself since I still have t4 armour so plenty of mitigation but probably with full t6 DT set I’d be using it a lot (too bad the white hand gem procs don’t crit :slight_smile: ).

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The recommendation was fine imo, the t4 sword is just better overall and while the kuth tali def has situations to be use, you’ll still end up using the t4 one most of the time. The one advantage the kuth tali has over using armour gems in your rings is that you can easily swap one, while the other, not so much. That’s why I would say use crit gems in your rings and “fix” your armour in other places.


Yeah still working on gear atm …currently running mix of tigers 3.5 heavy armor and full plate with HoC wisdom cape arena neck and strength Rf ring with T3 strength ring iam a very strong OT atm can main some fights …relearning a lot after 3 year break :laughing: