T6 rewards for full t4 DT

As in the title. What should i choose for DT if i’d like to play in raids instances like t4-t6 and endgame dungeons, sword and shield or talisman? I’ve heard from few people that t6 sword compared to t4 sword is a garbage, is it true? I dont have t4 sword yet though.
Thanks in advance

I wouldn’t say the T6 sword is garbage but T4 DT sword is alittle better suited for a DT. Since the T6 one is a generic tanking 1H more suited for a guard. Which set to choose will depend mainly on your play style. If you never go Tali spec and always go with a S/S setup, well there is your answer. I went with the S/S because I was pretty undergeared at the time but now I find myself wishing I took the tali but the T4 tali is nice too and pretty easy to get through just RF.

I’m pretty sure t6 sword is better than t4 DT sword even for a DT. The base weapon damage is a lot better and 80 magic isn’t really that impressive on a DT. I think magic damage in general is greatly overrated on DT.

I would get sword and shield simply because the tali is pretty bad and gives no armour at all. At least the shield will be useful sometimes and has good stats.

I have read many different opinions on this subject, and I am still unconvinced about this choice. Most of the time I play using a talisman, because I have the impression that the dark templar loses much using the shield. On the other hand, this talisman t6 is quite poor.
Maybe I will choose accessories for another character if I can not decide :smile:

You think magic damage on a dt is overrated? Do you even dt?

You need to keep in mind that the T6 weapons have blessings on them, the T6 talisman got Silver Twilight which gives you +6% magical mana tap (if you got a second item with that blessing), can be pretty useful as tali DT on bosses that take lots of magic damage since you will never really run out of mana.

Magic damage is helpful when it comes to health regen. Thats why I prefer playing with talisman, more dmg dealt means more health back. But I’ve never been to t5-t6 yet, is talisman allowed there? These 2 raids are everything I care about, so I dont want to make mistake.

the shield is a good shield (when you need a shield) the sword is not very good for dt and the tali is not good either … claiming saga weapon sets on a dt is not the best choice in my opinion.

What Tali would you say is significantly better than T6? To say that the T6 Tali isn’t very good is a little bit of an over statement. The T4, T5, and T6 are all pretty close in stats with one favoring armor over protection. The gap between SC or T3 Tali to the T4 Tali is significant. Just dont see any game changing difference between any tali after T4, and T5 and T6 you get the runes. Unless I’m missing something.

As you noticed : t6 tali lacks armor. if you want a tali with prot, then look at sepulcher of the wyrm for a proper one : it’s by far the good one. in the end, t6 one is never the best one !

Maybe I will pass on those items then. I am using pit’s master arena necklaces, t4 / wb cloak and t4 shield + t3 crafted blunt. The differences between t4 and t6 items are not that noticeable, so I will take into cobsideration options of items to choose for any other class.