Dark Templar - Gear dependent?

Is Dark Templar gear dependent for pvp as it is for pve? Is it competitive at lvl3-4 or further up? At what pvp lvl can one really enjoy the hybrid specc? Thanks

All good pvp builds are Hybrid ones. To be competitive you need T4 weapon(or ibis, or t3 crafted 1h, or t5), t2 or t3 pvpv shield (or t4 talisman), t1+ gear, neclace and runes from pit master arena from PVP Faction r4, 2 rings with protection and crit (best ones from RF) and GOOD AAs line full 5 rank protection from magic, full crit, elusive nature, void of madness and full anti cc aas from pvp aa.

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Thank you for your input!

DT really just needs VOM and crit. At lower AA and gear, DT really doesn’t do much because of low crit rating. If you have full pvpt1, VOM and decisive strikes, DT is viable but not necessarily optimal.

One way to circumvent the “need” for gear on DT is simply to use 5% or 7% crit pots.

That said, DT is by far one of the strongest “lowbies” because of VOM.

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It still blows my mind that pve weapon is better then pvp(in pvp)… is that only t5pve weapon better or t4 applies as well? So as long as you crit you should be ok. Is wisdom worth it?

Except maybe the crafted weapons (ibis/maniacal) that can have better crit chance with gems I wouldn’t say the pve weapons are “better” than the pvp ones for DT. But they might be easier to get - depends entirely on your ingame activities. I used t4 sword until pvp 10 because I had it before starting pvp on DT but I swapped to the pvp weapon at lvl 10. The 1h pvp 10 blunt is wonderful for DT - it gives hp, mana, 96 magic damage + decent crits. But t1 and t2 pvp weapons are not “bad” either (the priest blunts + shields).

The biggest gear gap is probably going to be RF tank rings + gems if you don’t have those already since there is no way to obtain them quickly and they give soooo much in terms of stats. Chaos tank rings are fairly close to RF rings thankfully, but it can take a while to obtain them still.

Wisdom is an okay stat for DT but focus on making yourself tanky with the highest possible crit chance first of all (so exactly the same advice as in pve in other words!). Then get good at landing 1h combos and watch the numbers fill your screen.

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what aa DT must perk in active slots for pvp? crit rating and what else? elusive nature?

Elusive/chromatic are useful but situational. For more consistent and reliable damage you want fields of war (100 magic damage) or immeasurable empowerment (60 magic damage + 50 prot + 200 armour + a bit of mana). Those also give combat rating but nobody cares. I prefer the latter because it’s a balance of different useful stats.

If you are not pvp 10 with raid finder/chaos rings though, your hit rating might not be great, so pressing or precise strikes might be better to get you started so that sins and rangers in particular don’t laugh at you when you try to hit them. From doing pve you probably have pressing already anyway. I don’t know if precise scales well on DT, I haven’t tested it very thoroughly to be honest.