DT PvP - Maniacal Harm

Is it better than Ibis or t4 sword which I actually have? I wonder if there is anyone who’s got it and can say whether it is worth or not.


maniacal has 10 more base dps than ibis,but 2 of 3 gems there are completely trash
imo,it doesn`t worth it

I thought the same. Black and green gems sucks, only +41 crit gem is nice.

Ibis is good for the bel’s mirth gem. Otherwise a lot of pve weps would be better.

If you interested in PVP, Ibis is better. Better gems, cheaper,differ in crit chance (16 crit chance=0.4%,) but Ibis has health tap 1% ; Base DPS 6.7 but if look on dps diaposon, Ibis has 123-197 and maniacal 147-192.

“a lot”, name them please :smiley:

The only better weapon is t4. Pvp 10 wisdom blunt is also not bad but imo its nothing special

T4 is better than ibis for dt? Why?

I mean if you take away the gem ibis is a t2 weapon from its base stats. Ibis itself has no wisdom or magic damage itself so without the gem any t3.5 t4 t5 would be better statwise. T4 is a sweet spot however specifically designed for DT.

cause it has like 70 mgc dmg and bels mirth is trash nowadays

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Bel’s mirth proc is around 2% and buff gives 1400 armor penetration, magic dmg from t4 weapon is active all the time so all your magical spells like Covenant of Arms, Malacadors blight etc hit harder. And dont forget about 6 more base dps

But healing gem, crit chance +1% more, nope guys can’t agree with you :stuck_out_tongue:

ofc u can`t since u are playing hox lol
since they nerfed blue gem, t4 > ibis

I play dt too and have ibis… Before it was 2800 penetration, but still 1400 hurts enemies hard. And for Vom u need max crit chance, right?

2800 -> 1400
12 sec -> 6sec
but u need magic dps to hit harder too,right? and base dps :smiley:
and yes im using ibis too,but its not that obvious tbh

Before pvp gear revamp dt hadn’t mag dps on gear but did enough strong dps by vom. I think anyway his main dmg are crits. And if choose between 70 mgc dmg or 1% for crit, in my opinion for dt with Vom, second is better.

thats why i said - not obvious))

70 magic dmg dosen’t really change anything
ibis all the way

After the nerf to bel’s mirth, ibis and t4 are about the same, with ibis having more potential for burst while t4 being more steady in dmg. And also t4 and pvp10 mace are almost identical.

maniacal harm is potentially BIS for some pve purpose but if it’s about pvp then it’s pretty much average.