[PoM] T4 Gear Choices

This thread suggests gearing as such:
Children of Yag-Kosha helmet, wrist item and boots
Scarlet Circle chest and pants
The rest should be Scarlet Circle gear

Is this still valid? Where does Thousand Blossoms/Dragon King insurrection gear fall?

Dragon King/Thousand Blossoms are the T4 sets, so they will be the next step up from what you listed.

DK is more dps oriented, while TB is more heal rating stacked.

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Thank you.

DK first, blossom for vanity 2nd

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Full DK?

Oh yes!

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Yes, DK will have more dps and has enough heal rating on it to do what you need. Get the TB later if you want.

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Me again. How about weapons, all Insurrection also or are there faction/3.5 that compete?

T4 is the best, T3.5 are okish for PoM, same goes for the faction weapons. If you want a decent faction weapon quickly you should go for Tamarin’s Tigers and buy the staff, it’s basically the same as the blunt + shield from the other 2 factions (almost the same stats and almost the same price, you just don’t have to level up 2 factions).
Regarding T4 weapons, go for dagger and damage talisman (both have “Divinity Serpent” in their names), they are the best.

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Thank you, I would have never thought to go dagger and tali.

I would personally go for the staff sceptre of ten thousand hells good dmg and lots of heal rating

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Divinity Serpent dagger and tali have better stats overall than the Ten Thousand Hells staff. The only exception is the heal rating, but 324 hr doesn’t really make any difference.

If you really need heal rating, go for the August Ones blunt and tali.

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Dagger tali combo is best priest dmg in slot untill u replace the dagger for 1h blunt t6, so would def go fpr that