Returning TSW player - AR/Fist Build Suggestions

Hello, as per title I just recently started playing even though I have played a lot the original TSW.

Back then I used to have a DPS build but this time I wanted to try a Healer build for end game.

So the first thing I hope someone can clarify to me is about the new talisman system that is quite different: so as far as I get they are the same in stats and change only the special ability? So if I don’t plan to max out every slot with the best ability, I can get any Radiant talisman and get the best basic stat in the end?

Second, do you think is better to buy the blue/purple gear right away or to level it from green?

Third, do you have any suggestion to which active and passive ability should I focus on for the healer build? I want to try AR/fist because I like the weapons. Also, does someone has to suggest me a build for the solo content?

Thank you

With the talismans, like-for-like talismans (i.e. same slot, number of pips, etc) will have the same stats, and you can adjust your anima allocation (from level 20+) to change your stats to best fit the role you’re doing. Glyphs will have an impact too on how your build works. Generally for healing, you’ll want critical and crit power ones, with one or two hit rating glyphs if you’re using AR.

You can buy blue/purple gear right away, but if you start out with them, you’ll be hugely overpowered, and it won’t be very challenging. Also, I know you need to be level 50 to fuse items to make purple (epic) gear, you may need to be a higher level to use it.

For abilities, there are some good healing ones in both. I currently run Blood/Fist as healer, but for most of my levelling, I did AR/Blood so I’ve experience of both. The two I found most useful for Assault Rifle in endgame content were…

Unveil Essence - really good for group stuff, as it not only has an instant group heal, but also lets people leech for a few seconds afterwards. There’s a passive that increases the healing too.

Essence Grenades - again, great for a group because anyone standing in the blast zone gets a nice big ol’ heal! I seem to recall that the healing on this one (which also deals damage) was around the same, if not more, compared to the Anima canister grenades. The Explosive Expert passive is really useful for this, too.

Anima Suffusion I have heard is a popular one for healers as it renders your defensive target invincible for a time. I’ve never used it though!

For fist, the Regeneration elite ability is pretty awesome. Massive group healing (especially with the passive) and cleanses too. If fist is your offhand, you might also want to add the “Wild nature” passive, which constantly builds fury while in combat. Without it, it can take several bosses through a dungeon before you build up enough to use Invigorating Wrath (which takes up an ability slot).

That said, I haven’t bothered with IW for a while. The only fist ability I use in group content is ‘savagery’ to boost someone’s attack rating for 6 seconds in combat, though I do now have Manticore Wrath Inducers, which automatically go into invigoratign wrath when the fury meter is full. But the trade off for not having an ability slot taken up by IW is that you have much less control over when to use it.

You might also find the how to heal guide useful-

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Perfect thank you!

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If you are levelling AR/Fist and going through the passives in the weapon pages - please bear in mind that there is no hit rating in the passive pages for neither Fist, AR nor Blood.
If using the AR for leech you may want to also grab yourself an intricate accurate glyph to lvl so you don’t glance as you move higher through the tier system of dungeons etc.

nice build

Plex Lucky Patcher Kodi

Keep in mind that for much of your in-game career you will probably be running content solo - missions, exploring areas, etc. (Assuming you don’t have a steady in-game partner or cabal so you are running in a group)

For most solo runs, you will want a build that gives you a decent amount of AoE (many areas have groups of foes), a fairly strong single target hitter (for bosses or tough foes), and some healing/support backup to keep you in the fight.