Newbie Questions

Heya folks- returning player who was in the original TSW back in the day. Couple hopefully quick questions for you.

  1. I went Blood/AR as that was my original spec back when. Thinking for solo play (not worried about dungeons/grouping) would that be good enough or should I switch AR for Hammers/whatever? I’ve been doing fine so far (to Blue Mountain) but I wasn’t sure how the conversion to SWL changed Kaidan.
  2. I’ve got my first set of blue gear to level 25. I bought a second set and am slowly leveling that up in my bags so I can fuse those with my currents into purples. Am I going about that right?
    Thanks much for your help!

Sounds like you have a pretty good grasp to me, @Velzhaed. I also leveled using blood/AR and while you have to keep an eye on your health, it’s a pretty solid soloing spec. Keep building your second set of blues and read up on the BiS before you commit to golds or reds! Make sure you join #Sanctuary if you are struggling to find folks for group content or have other questions. They’re a helpful lot.

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For solo content you can use just about anything you want. There isn’t really any weapon combo that will hold you back in doing missions. Same can be said for abilities you pick. Just take what sounds good to you.

That sounds right. Though, I wouldn’t buy equipment to use as fuse fodder unless it’s as a last resort. Especially if you’re buying blue equipment from the auction. Those are hideously overpriced. You get endless supplies of talismans and weapons from doing missions. Use those to level your equipment. Buying them is a waste of marks unless you’ve already got millions and just don’t care about marks anymore.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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I’ve always found AR insanely good for soloing. Leeching Shot does everything you want it to there. You can spam it while running, and then throw your big hitters at PB range when the nasties catch up.