Returning player


Hi, I played SWL at launch and now I decided to give it a second shot. I started fresh and really like the idea of having Blood primary and Pistols secondary but I am struggling to make it work. Any suggestion on skills and passives? Btw I don’t know if this kind of topic belongs here, so sorry in advance and thank you for your responses.


Try this guide: How to Build: All Weapons


I used it as a starting point but I would like something more specific. Thank you for your reply!


If you want more-specific advice, you’ll need to be more specific about your requirements. What issues are you having with the guide’s build templates? What things do you find yourself struggling with? Do you need a build for story content, for scenarios, or for end-game group content?

You also mention using the guide as a “starting point”, which implies you made your own changes to the recommended build templates. What is your current build (and equipment)?


Right now I am leveling, but I want to use this weapon choices also for end game. I have Eldritch Tome of Energy Mk 3 and Six Shooters of Energy Mk 2 atm. As for skills I am using: Dread Sigil, Torment, Eldritch Scourge, Maleficium Runic Hex and Dual/Unload (can’t diced yet). Passives: Flay, Desolate, Fixed Game, Lingering Curse, Paroxysm. Is there anything I could improve (skills, passives and what signets and glyphs do I need to focus on)? I would experiment by myself but sadly I don’t have the time for it, so any advice on leveling and end game build is very much appreciated. Thank you for your time. Btw very nice guide!


The guide’s build template for blood primary shouldn’t have any issues in story content, but if you’re running into difficulties, please do let me know, as it’s possible I might’ve underestimated some cases. Your current build seems to have left out Absolution passive, which could be stressing your survivability.

You’ll need to have separate builds for soloing and for end-game group content, as the short duration of fights while soloing prevent blood from adequately taking advantage of its corruption mechanic, and from fully exploiting the damage of single-target damage-over-time abilities with Eldritch Tome.

For end-game group content, you should remove multi-target abilities and replace them with single-target ones. Remove Dread Sigil (and Lingering Curse passive), and Runic Hex (and Paroxysm passive). Replace those with Desecrate (and Defilement passive) and Reap (and Contaminate passive). You’ll also need to remove Absolution passive and learn to effectively manage corruption using Reap. And, once you have decent crit chance, you should fit in Crimson Pulse passive as well.

Equipment-wise, your highest priority will be a Signet of Incantations, to boost the damage of Torment. A high level Signet of Incantations, along with high corruption, will cause Torment to deal more damage than a power ability from your secondary weapon. This means you’ll eventually reach a point where using your secondary weapon at all is potentially a DPS loss (except for buff effects which can benefit your primary weapon, or for very strong special abilities). A Signet of Cruel Delight will also be very helpful for keeping your health up.


Thank you for your detailed response, it helps a lot!