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Hi, I played SWL at launch and now I decided to give it a second shot. I started fresh and really like the idea of having Blood primary and Pistols secondary but I am struggling to make it work. Any suggestion on skills and passives? Btw I don’t know if this kind of topic belongs here, so sorry in advance and thank you for your responses.

Try this guide: How to Build: All Weapons

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I used it as a starting point but I would like something more specific. Thank you for your reply!

Right now I am leveling, but I want to use this weapon choices also for end game. I have Eldritch Tome of Energy Mk 3 and Six Shooters of Energy Mk 2 atm. As for skills I am using: Dread Sigil, Torment, Eldritch Scourge, Maleficium Runic Hex and Dual/Unload (can’t diced yet). Passives: Flay, Desolate, Fixed Game, Lingering Curse, Paroxysm. Is there anything I could improve (skills, passives and what signets and glyphs do I need to focus on)? I would experiment by myself but sadly I don’t have the time for it, so any advice on leveling and end game build is very much appreciated. Thank you for your time. Btw very nice guide!

Thank you for your detailed response, it helps a lot!

I see that it has been awhile, so you may not be having such a hard time anymore, but i wanted to toss in my 2 cents! n.n

Blood can make plenty wonderful usage of the Dots at all times if you apply them using Eldritch Scourge with it's Desolate passive, and Reap with Contaminate when you really wanna kill something/stay alive (note if you get someone who is on you with a bubble you can go Desacrate with Defilement).  Combining these abilities with Maleficium paired with Flay makes for some tidy damage, especially at max Corruption and with a Book that raises Dot damage.

Now I don’t use pistols much, but i suppose after Torment, Dread Sigil, Reap, and Maleficium, you could take something like Full House (or Flourish I suppose), with Unload, or Dual Shot perhaps, making use of Stacked Deck (or Lethal Aim if using Flourish), Heavy Caliber Rounds, or Fully Loaded. The reason for the Full House/Fully Loaded and Heavy Caliber Rounds with Unload will work is because as soon as you get full pistol energy, you can white chamber Unload, then Full House and get your other two Unloads with Blue, HCR allows you to not care about the reds so much. You can use Dual Shot similarly, but using Flourish to get more shots out and make them hit better doesn’t seem so bad either.

So all together you would basically throw out your corruption gaining moves and pad it with Torment primarily.  Try and stagger the dots from Reap and Eldritch Scourge as much as you can so you get plenty of opportunity to throw out the empowered Maleficium.  When you get a little ways into the two dot territory on your corruption track, try and torment yourself up to max and then throw everything down, Eldritch Scourge, empowered Maleficium, for as long as you can stand, then use Reap for it's max damage as well as respite and then switch to the Unloads or Dual Shots.  Try and use your big moves while under the effect of Desecrate so as to conserve as much hp as possible for the most amount of Corruption, if that's the route you go.  Desecrate basically allows you to get in an extra couple spells at max damage, but with no reduction in corruption, so hopefully the time you spend on your secondary brings you down a little.

Things will melt, hope you enjoyed! \n.n/