Blood magic build optimization test

I tested all 3 viable blood tome-eldritch,profane,foul gods–in full 1671 ip and optimised offhand elementalism focus,and the eldritch tome wins,the reason is clear–its a more easy to manage weapon than profane folio,non skill tax/much higher dps than the nerfed foul gods.
The sets I tested is as below:
Eldritch tome+inverter–A:torment,maleficium,desacrate,eldritch scourge,reap,cry flame.P:desfilment,cry blaze,flay,crimson pulse,disolution.
The reason I dont take contamination is because keep as long as I can with full coruption use reap once per minutes likely is more rewardful than use reap on cooldown,and crimson pulse not just active flay for anytime but itself is actualy decent damage.Dummy dps 27-30k

Profane Folio+Totemic Helllord—A:torment,maleficium,desacrate,cry flame,flame bolt,eldritch scourge.P:flay,cry blaze,disolution,crimson pulse,desfilment.
Reach full coruption as high as you can,3x maleficium o 2x maleficium if you reach full coruption by channeling a maleficium,because the currently channeling spell also use up 1 stack of damage bonus.Then reduce your coruption by switch to offhand weapon,spam flame bolt for 3s,desacrate/eldritch scourge to reach back again full coruption,3x maleficium,offhand.Use cry flame at high heat level but dont overheat when you at low hp,because you dont have coruption reduce abilities,if your offhand overheat and you are near dead at full coruption you cant reliable break the coruption and get the heal from cruel delight.The reason I dont use a voltaic shunt is because mjornir not spammable and you dont want your offhand to take a 10s heat cooldown.
This weapon has a very tricky rotation,sometimes with lag you make mistake and either break your rotation o kill you,so if your net is not good and really want a profane build,take reap instead of desacrate,but…well,by reduce and rise coruption rotation,the passive bonus of desacrate is really considerable.
Dps on dummy:25-27k.But in group content,since the 30% bonus on maleficium is multiplicable,the most buff from your group,the longer the battle lasts,the better dps you would do.Though think about risk&reward,eldritch tome Will still perfome better.

Grimoire of Foul gods+invertir/Frozen Figurine
A:torment,maleficium,dread sigil,desacrate,reap,cry flame,eldritch scourge/blizzard.P:flay,lingering curse,crimson pulse,desfilment,contamination,disolution/blizzard passive.

I heared that this tome,before the nerf,tigger the proc with literalment every singel hit,that means with maleficium+3dot active,you are recieving 600x3x2 ish extra dps per second which is quite great.But it got a silently nerf,the proc tigger once per second,so…

With invertir+eldritch scourge,this build use cf at cooldown,switching between dread sigil and maleficium,to keep there are at least 2 dot–lingering curse&crimson pulse always active,plus desacrate&eldritch scourge,sometimes covered with reap if you build up coruption back to 90 after you use reap,you can cover with most time at least 3 dots on.You are geting 3x600ish extra dps per second.If your desacrate actived the full coruption bonus,drop scourge together,to recieve the maxime bonus.The draw back is,you get a dps lose from using dread sigil which has relative lower singel target dps and a skill tax,because you want always active its passive dot.So here I invented a OD specific build which use a ff as offhand,use blizzard + passive instead of scourge + passive,well,the result is decent but not impressive because…after all blood is not that good for solo content,and with foul gods you only get extra dps when you have 90+ coruption which is quiet dangerous in OD.
Dummy test dps:22-24k with invertir&scourge.Did not tested the ff&blizzard versión because its just not for singel target dps.

So,the eldritch tome,the old boring eldritch tome after all this tests still win win…
I also made videos of this build details and another video with its varietion for Save&Perseverance escenarios because cry flame crash me very often in that case,and I guess its not only me recieved that lot of love from cf…

PS:Shriven Soul is the best head gear after mutiple test,even a red 61 shriven soul out dpsed Elder things by likely 2k ish more dps.It is because the shriven soul bonus aplica to the whole channeling,and because it is multiplicable as crit power.Also,as it proc each 5 hits on any enemies o 3 hits on same enemies,its more flexible to situations that have many adds.Elder things and crushed cities has its pros and cons,ST dps Elder things is about 1.5 times more effective than crushed cities in real combat situation,but crushed cities just more flexible for situations like OD.But again,why use blood to climb OD?Anyway,Shriven soul here is a clear winner.

Another tips is that Tome of the Void could be fun since it literaly liberate a skill slot from coruption reduce spells,and unlike the passive Absolution,it heals you and you can choose the time to reduce the coruption and recieve the heal.But it would not in par with the 3 tomes above in the case for doing dps.

The video of ST dps build:
The video of SP build in action:

Thx for Reading,I Will move on to other non-meta weapons build inovation.The next try maybe elementalism main,but…prey to the God-Emperor that throw me a Mehmet Muzaffer first,D.


I tested Shriven Souls again and I may made a mistake here about it,its like profanes 30% bonus which affect the whole maleficium channeling so it should be great in that case.The dummy testing parse got random noise so the result about this is unaccurate.Thx for the information on this.
About reap,yes its on sheet the 2nd best dot spell,but there are 2 problems for using it—the first is it break coruption too often,the second is that with invertir I have very limited passive slot and it is not good for me to give up either defilment o crimson pulse.I used to use reap+passive in place of crimson pulse for,well,about 1month when I read some Reddit guys advice,but the result on average is significantly worse.So after many tests from dummies and in real dungeon/mbs situations,I give up reap instead taking crimson pulse with me.Can you explain what passive you are using with reap+passive and why it is good?Need to mention that the IP we get from some signets are not affecting dps,Shriven Souls maybe better,and dps parse are about ±2000 ish unaccurate so need to do many parses and take the average,so get my dps numbers with reap+passive on one parse may not be a reason why reap is good.
Finaly,would you explain me why dont use reap when one or more dps are dead?That means the fight gonna be longer,not its a better situation to use reap because you Will have time to bring back your coruption?

Oh thx,I was thought about use fist+savagery but end up choose elementalism because I love to stay as pure caster besides cry blaze along not incluid cry flame basic damage is already a 11%part of my dps,the 14cp spell is really look sweety for me to give it up.But you information inspired me,I am now thinking to use shriven souls+profane folio+savegery,since crit powe is multiplicable and profane bonus is also multiplicable,just need to think about what offhand fist energy consumer to dump with to give 3s time to mainhand coruption decrease.

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I leveled a laceration too but since I dead by coruption I switched back to cruel delight to keep me most time full corruption up.I tried to use reap at cooldown + laceration but it seems I dead before the 2nd time reap cooldown…if there any tips for that maybe you could give me some information,for that I could try reap passive over defilment/crimson pulse with the laceration over cruel delight to see if that could improve my dps.But that may take days to test since need to do many many parses and take the average to overcome the random noise.
I see a good thing with savegery is that is not like cry flame,it dont have a passive slot tax and you can have reap and crimson pulse at the same time.I would tell you which consumer I would use for profane folio build as soon as I leveled a fist.Well,maybe the next time I charge aurum,I leveled all my stuff to red 70 by caches but not sure I would like to charge more in a short time because,well,after 3 months play(all these time with blood/ele),the game really bored me in some of its aspect–content variation and weapon balance for example.
Anyway,thx for the info,I hope more ppl would go into investigate non-meta weapons,that make a lot of fun.