Eldritch Tome Not Doing the Proper Damage

Eldritch Tome states it increases the damage of Eldritch Scourge, Reap, Desecrate, Runic Hex 75%. It appears it works fine for Reap and Desecrate but is NOT working for Eldritch Scourge. I currently have my head signet of rituals at red level 20 and it adds 56.32% to my elite. This is the only damage being added. The increase of 75% is NOT working NOR is the passive Desolate which should add another 52%.

You should re-read the effects description. it’s 75% more to DOTs (damage over time) this does not count the initial damage. The second part is those skills increase corruption.

The dots are not doing 75% more damage that is the issue. A GM has already tested this and has forwarded it in for development to look into… so it appears this is a legitimate concern. The corruption is not even an issue I have a problem with so…not sure why it was mentioned.

Your initial statement did not mention it is the dot damage you were talking about. Too bad you didn’t get them to look at the double corruption damage from ES and some other skills (while using the Tome) and the Reap still hits you for corruption if using the Tome.

Awww, I didn’t even know this was an issue as I use blood as my off hand. I would think they would look into the whole mechanics of the Eldritch Tome to assure its functionality…we can hope

I… have used a tome long enough that I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to (???) take corruption damage from reap. (I’m not even sure why I shouldn’t? But I don’t with the compendium of wards I never use)

Had an unrelated blood question I was looking into recently, and I just realized that between talismans and passives I have so many things that proc, I don’t know what damage things are supposed to do anyway…

But when I equip Desolate I see the damage and healing difference in the listed stats at least, so not sure about that one.

You’re not supposed to take corruption damage from Reap, but did. So, they fixed that but then for some reason, just with the Tome, it snuck back in.

I also don’t think Desecrate/Desolate (man not in game but you know which one i mean) should but it doesn’t specifically say that like Reap does.

I will say that I’m entirely grateful that corruption doesn’t crit now.

The only thing I am seeing for Reap is that the healing shouldn’t be affected by corruption? I’d love for the official answer to be that Reap shouldn’t cause corruption damage, but I don’t see where it tells me that should be the case.

Good point, however it was mentioned in one of the patches some time back and I’ve tested this with other blood magic focuses and it does not.

Once I get in game, I’ll reverify.

Found the patch notes reference:

Update 2.1.4 - By default, Reap will no longer deal damage based on your Corruption level. Only healing will occur.

Okay granted, that could be interpreted a number of ways.

No, that’s pretty clear to me. Would love them to update the in game description of Reap in that case to reflect this. And then, yeah, as you’ve pointed out already, this is not the case for the Eldritch Tome. Thanks for the clarification!