Tome of Kurak still making problems

Server - Public Test Server - EU - PvE-C - Isle of Siptah

I logged in on the server for first time today after 3.0.1. And after first spell i have again 2 Tomes of Kurak.

  • Opened Thaumaturgy Bench and saw only 1 Tome of Kurak with being able to craft first spell. The one with Putrid Meat and Stone.
  • After craft, i have learned Abyssal Bow/Maul and ended up with 2 Tome of Kurak
  • One is the original with Putrid Meat and Stone. The other one is with Black Blood and Dragonpowder.

Have screenshot and I would post it but i cannot at the moment.

With seeing the release announcement :thinking: kinda need to pull the “!” here.

Maybe i’m playing on a older version of Testlive :))) and the above ain’t happening :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a single book, but keep getting the same spell; and still burning mats for it :rage:

Hi @Coty

Have you encountered this issue since patch 3.0.1? The he issue should be fixed in that version.


I found out on the first log in after 3.0.1 was released.

Can send screenshots.


Once it is broke for your character it is broke. There is no fix to it other then starting a new character. Any character that had this bug before the fix to the game, still has it.

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