Shotgun Tanking Mechanics and Gear Advice Needed

Greetings. Its my first Month in SWL and already delving deep.

I have searched and read alot of Information trying to understand the Game mechanics and i ended up with some detailed questions.
To create an image of my perspective: I Started with AR/ Fists unlocked Shotgun unlocked Pistols.
Currently progressing through Carpathian Fangs in my first Maxed full 3dot Superior equipment with Shotgun and already leveling 2nd Batch in order to Upgrade but also saving and buying 3dot Extraordinaries with an End-Game focus.
So what i am doing is Planning ahead. Wish i had done it earlier as i intended to Tank Originally and focus on just that but here we are.

  1. I do understand that Hit Rating Glyphs are important and i am certainly going for a Purple Accurate Glyph. I found Critical Power Rating Glyphs to be highly effective and i intend on working for one on my Shotgun. Certainly Critical Chance is highly important for it both for Energy and to make the Setup work so i build up x2 of them at the moment.
  • But what to focus on with Defensive Glyphs? I found Shotgun build doesn’t have many Evade Passives. I also read about a Softcap at some point and worry wether i should start with full Stalwart or level x2 Stalwart x2 Elusive but are they going to provide anything decent at some point? What about the Chance itself? How much would be decent to really provide Glance or Evade? Also i have no idea wether Glyph position matters into which Talisman.
  1. Shotgun build does offer very good Utility for Protection buffs and CCs and i currently level a Superior SPES of Energy after i leveled a Demolisher of Efficiency and havent yet decided which will be Fused to the other.
    The Utility options with the Weapon functions can be combined to make a very Specialized Build - Rotation - Effects on Target - Sub Role.

For example i find the ‘‘Exposed’’ Mechanic very good which i can apply with Eviscerate from Fists (Just 1 Offhand Weapon button) and there is also Talismans that play with this Mechanic including Armour Piercing Shells with the Passive Munitions Expert.
If i combine this with the Demolisher Shotgun i know i can have 1 or 2 CCs from Shotgun 1 from Eviscerate and Pump Action/ Raging Shot with Constant Depleted Uranium Rounds.

  • My thought is i can constantly Interrupt keep the Target Debuffed and punch some Heavy DPS which increases constantly with Full Salvo - Withering Salvo while rotating Armour Piercing with Depleted Uranium Rounds.
    If not the Demolisher i suppose with the SPES i can keep doing that by focusing on Dragons Breath Shells keep the Stack up and rotate both DB and DU.
    But is Munitions Expert really helping with Armour Piercing Shells? Is the debuff going to apply? I read somewhere its 50% wether it will or not.

Do my thoughts work that good as they sound?

The goal here is to be a Shotgun Main Glance or Evade Effectively, use Protection buffs and utilities from Tanking Talismans stay on Target debuff and output damage and Interrupt. Fists will be Secondary with Optional Main Fists build for Solo Content.
I tried Chaos and i would still use it with Shotgun Off-Hand only staying as far away as possible from Hammers.

Many things of those you want to know, like how many of which glyphs you need for the role, can be found in this spreadsheet:

Also I came across this infographic that might answer some questions for you:


It seems i was complicating things a bit in my head.
I currently craft Epic Tier Gear and Glyphs.

Found that 6-7 Hit Rating works well up to Elite 3 (Solo Scenarios) without Glancing too much. Made a shift and using 1 Hit Glyph (Head) 1 Hit Glyph (Weapon)
2 Evade Glyphs so far (Around 4% Chance) and 3 Defense Rating (6.1 Glance Chance)

Not really sure wether i should go for a 3rd Evade Glyph and use 3-3 Defensive ones with Hit Rating or if investing on a Critical Chance Glyph would be better. Current Critical Chance is just 1.5% and it seems too low. It crits but very rarely. Maybe its a bad thing to neglect it.

Maybe x3 Glance x2 Hit x1 Crit would be better. Not really sure about how effective Evade with x2 Glyphs will be and Shotgun doesn’t have much inbuild Evade either. x3 Evade x2 Glance? lol I feel lost as of how much is effective at all and i have to be carefull in spending MoFs.

Some people told me to go for the Defensive soft Cap other say go Crit. But then again what do the numbers tell us…

Just found this The Numbers of SWL - #2 by Smyrill

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