Can anyone help with a Hammer/Shotgun tank build?

atm I’m just playing dps…got the right gear for that, I know what all the best stuff is, but for tanking not so much, at all really. I mean I already tanked just using my dps gear but I’m low geared just starting out and I know E1-2 is too easy to get a general idea and It would only take me a few days to get to E5 even if I play sparingly. I dunno if I’m using the right skills or what gear/glyphs or signets to use as a tank for endgame, I can afford to buy the best if I grind with my dps gear, but I dunno what that is. (Just don’t tell me about gadgets, I already got some good ones)
So yah some Info on what skills are optimal would be nice but eh, I’m more interested in the gear cause all the info I can find is old and I’m sure there is at least some new gear since 2017. From what I hear u can’t rely on being u’r own healer(sustain tanking) at high elite levels, so to not waste my time I’ll have to play dps till I’m sure I know exactly what I need to work for.

Some abilities from hammer that you want are: Demolish, Seethe (gives you energy to use Demolish or Eruption), and Eruption (Elite), and there direct passives.

@Anaelurec that's for dps..

I know mostly everything I need for dps I’m not asking for newbie directions like “ooh u press W to go forward” but I appreciate the thought of helping.
Its pretty easy to find pple and inspect em and make your own choices, for tanking not so much… most pple don’t run around in tank gear so nobody to inspect… and when I find a guy, his gear isn’t that good or he is still using gear that used to be good cause it takes damn long to max out something in the game. I know you can mix and match dps abilities when ur gear is too good, but no, if you had to start over you would never use any of those…while ur tanking.

 @rephaim  keep ur old glyphs

and start fresh with glance/evade that much I’m sure of, unless all ur gonna do is tank in group content, cause there’s many other builds you might wanna try that use those.

Good luck with that

It’s still not exactly a complicated role…

  • max of 3 of each type of glyph (elusive/stalwart)
  • most tank gear is worth a negligible amount, but since you need different glyphs from dps anyway, you may as well try them out (since they’re all bad any choice is correct)
  • elite cooldown signet is the only important difference from dps, cruel delight becomes useless but the new tank signets are not particularly useful.

The main non-obvious thing is that extra HP buffs are not automatically useful. If an ability (looking at hammer’s signature move here) buffs your HP by 50% and your healing by 25%, that means it takes longer for a healer to heal you. When the buff ends, your hp drops again proportionally, and the net effect is it’s a 16% healer debuff. This is effectively a reduction in damage taken as well, so the simple rule of thumb is: it’s only worth casting if you expect to take more damage than the healer can fix. If you’re at max HP and you see the boss casting his 80k uninterruptible move, that’s the time to use it.

You can skip all of that calculation by using one of the two good Signature moves, shotgun or chaos. Funcom’s balance neglected this effect so they’re both ~twice as strong as the hammer one, which easily compensates for the small increase in cooldown (since a hammer/shotgun tank is gonna be triggering Rage, more than reloading green shells)

The order of defensive effectiveness, in my experience so far, is elite (with cooldown head signet) better than signature better than gadget better than 60s tank moves. For the most part you’ll only need the elite & signature, and put purge/interrupt/cleanse in the other free slots.