Anyone Help me? any build Tank. Chaos/Hammer

I’ve always played a tank, but before I started playing Elites 5, I wanted an opinion on a build as I put it in the title.
you are grateful for any information or something thanks

I figure both will work, but it’s worth noting that Chaos’ elite, Immutable, is really strong for tanking, while Rocket Pod’s passive is better than Chaos’ power skill. I’d use both power skills anyway, but that may factor into which you decide to use main hand, since you’ll use the main hand power skill more.

Ok. Any idea for one build chaos tank mitigation?
What actives and pasive i should?

Sorry my english.

For Chaos main hand, Turmoil, Immutable, Evulsion, Distortion, Rocket Pod. Twist Fate is good too, or Glutton for Punishment. Pretty much some of the bottom row plus a thing or two from the middle row as needed.

Resonance Cascade is necessary so you don’t buff the bad guys, then the passives for the mitigation skills.

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Thx a lot Smith!!! :grinning:

Chaos&Shootgun tank is unfortunately the most fragile tank in the world. (Or…we can say hammer is too over powered)

You will need to over gear quite a bit in higher elite level even with a healer.
Or, take the short cut below to make your life easier:

Doesn’t depend on fight. Even if you don’t need to impair, you still need to not miss the target. Keeping aggro can be hard enough without you missing every 3rd shot. AS for number of hit Glyphs, slotting two is a nice way to amp it up quick in the beginning. At the end of it 1 lvl 20 Legendary Hit will be enough though, so don’t go past 2 Yellow Hit Glyphs =).

Thx a lot :smiley:

One max epic and one max mythic is enough hit rating for e9. I’d say don’t bring your second one above epic, and don’t get rid of it until your primary is close to legendary 20.

Depending on your economy i would use that epic as fodder for fusion from mythic to legendary. Anything else is throwing a glyph out the window.

But then you have a period of time between fusing your two glyphs and maxing your legendary glyph where your hit rating is far too low. I did that, and regretted it as I was levelling my legendary glyph. A maxed purple glyph requires roughly the same amount of xp as a single legendary level which I’d gladly pay to take my time with scenarios.

I leveled the whole way with 1 hit glyph so I only noticed the obvious problem which is that e8 and e9 need the most hit compared to your IP of any e-level. Cause you don’t really get into fully red gear until you have e10 IP, and e8 already requires several levels into red glyph.

Since you are starting out in lower levels, you can safely ignore this piece until you are ready to make the decision yourself what you think is more necessary to your needs, since you already said you enjoy playing with healers and your friend is the healer - then I would avoid this method as the first and sole route offered. It’s deplorable that it’s being offered as a solution to your question considering the information you have given already - You like playing with healers, your friend is a healer and both of you have seen the issues facing the tank/healer classes. It ill behoves anyone to have offered to you this method at all.
And disrespectful for that matter.

You can always refer to it as a resource for when the occasion arises that you may need to tank without a healer, in which using this method may prove helpful to both yourself and the group. It can after all, be very easily done and not very challenging at all - being on level or under-geared you will only face aggro issue with the countless other high geared people making it difficult for you, as you have already experienced.
It most certainly shouldn’t be offered as “the only way” when a person asks for help since, contrary to it’s own existence and despite it’s use - it’s not actually necessary until (perhaps) very late on in the Elite tiers. (if at all)