Want some advice about weapons

Recently started to work with my alt,have some confusión for certain weapons
What combination is good for Blade mainhand(Using a 7th son energy mk III)
Did shotgun/chaos o viceversa tank Works?
Did Cause´s effect+shotgun offhand+defensive/evade tank still viable?
Thx in advance.

There are 3 “good” offhands:
Leader is elemental being the dps option.
Than there is hammer which would be the tankier option.
And than there is shotgun which brings some buffs to the table like oening shot.

To answer the tank question. It’s not that it doesn’T work, just that it gets really wonky in e8+ due to attacks hitting on the level of 2 shots. So the substaintank was developed (Hammer/Chaos) to counter that. You can play that but you play against the meta so expect either not doing as well as meta players or needing to spend far more time mastering your weapon.

Blade is the only weapon I have still to level up myself so I not sure about the energy affix, but I know that blade of 7th son is BIS atm.

Shotgun Chaos is a viable tank build but it requires a healer to heal you, so it is used only at lower levels or at the very end game for very specific encounters (the group that 5 menned E10 NY raid had a shotgun chaos tank becouse he had to cleanse the group too).
For the everiday tank the best build is hammer chaos which allow you to sustain (tank without a healer) or to go more offensive is you happen to have a healer in group.
For a sustain tank dps glyphing is actually more effective then any tanky ones.

I’m not sure how direct a comparison is possible between glance/evade tanking and crit tanking but the basic problem is they don’t change your worst case scenario - a single normal hit. That dictates the least HP+protection you can have, and reducing damage taken without changing that number doesn’t let you move the AA slider at all. Whether you’re crit glyphed and taking 15k/sec or evade glyphed and taking 5k/sec you still need about 30k hp to run E10s, and the healer needs to be capable of healing you for a 28k hit within 2 seconds in case the next one hits just as hard.

I ran up to E9 as a “normal” hammer/shotgun tank and never had an issue that higher glance would have solved. The level of healing available from a full healer and that weapon pair meant it was less risky than a sustain build… just that there’s no way to trade that advantage for more dps.

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