New Player Here, Hello ! :D

Well im new in this games, so… I like play healer or tank, what need more in this game for Dungeon?

And sory my english hahha i speak little.


Tank is probably the most needed. Tanks are normally the ones to initiate looking for groups and are generally vital to dungeon content always. Healers become more important in late endgame content. That being said you may find your progression to be a bit slower as a tank in the beginning as tanks use defensive glyphs and take longer to kill things in the open world/story content. DPS and Healers however use the same DPS glyphs and so swapping between these two roles is easy. The game is quite flexible early on and so you can experiment a bit. Primary weapons for tanks are Shotgun, Chaos or Hammer. And primary weapons for Healers are Fist or Blood (Technically Assault Rifle to but its a bit harder to heal with). Your Secondary weapon can be pretty flexible for now untill you get more setup in your role.

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Thx, a lot! do you have any build for Shotgun/hammer or page to see?

This is always a tough question to answer because I have many endgame builds but they are tailored to group content like dungeons/raids and are specifically for tanking. While if your just starting out you’ll want something different for solo open world gameplay. What you generally want for solo content. Is an AoE Basic and Single Target Power ability from your main hand and an AoE Power Ability from your offhand. So something like Scattershot and Rocket Pod (or Raging Shot) from shotgun and Razor Shards from hammer. If your gearing as a tank will need the signature ability from shotgun Sonic Blast (this will scale damage based on defensive glyphs like elusive and stalwart) and an Elite ability which in this case I would go with Eruption from Hammer Elites for solo content as it has a short cooldown and gives you an impair and purge all in one (For tanking id advice a Shotgun Elite like Kneecapper or Bombardment though) You have one slot left which would be utility. For solo Cleanup is nice as it will remove almost any negative effects on your character. Again if you were tanking Id say Reinforce Shells instead. The passives are pretty much those that compliment the actives mentioned above.

To put it simply story content and early game content is very forgiving and almost anything will work build wise. But once you hit level 50 and start looking to Tank dungeons then it will be more important to have specific abilities. You will eventually be able to unlock all the abilities though and after you hit 50 there are some ways to gain AP/SP a lot faster with some help from others. So dont worry about getting locked into a set of abilities.

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Also check out How to not screw up your gear, the Guide as it has a lot of useful info and some nice charts for gear recommendations.

Also ask around on the Official Discord as there are a lot more people that frequent that then the forums these days. So you might get a bit more feedback. Joining a cabal in game is also a very useful way to get advice, find groups, and get experience with tanking with players that are patient while learning new fights.

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