Balancing Crit Chance and Crit Power when levelling glyphs

I’ve been slowly getting my glyphs to all red, and soon I’ll be faced with a problem. Which order should I level them up in? Thanks to last year’s empowerment event I already have lvl 14 red 4pip accurate glyph giving me 37.2% glance reduction out of 37.6% required by Nightmare (according to Gearycraft). Adding a level or two to that should completely eliminate glances for E10.
But what about Crit Chance and Crit Power glyphs? Should I level all chance glyphs to 20 and only then start on power glyphs? Or is there a point in effective crit chance that makes switching to levelling crit power more useful?
If weapons are important for this consideration, I mainly use Shotgun/Hammer and switch to AR/Shotgun for when I need more range or AR/Ele for when I’m faced with larger crowds.

I don’t have numbers on the best rate to level one or the other at but will say that Crit rating is more valuable in terms of build/gear functionality. More procs from things that proc from Crit most importantly being cruel delight but also note that you gain one energy for each critical hit. Based on this I would value Crit rating much higher and perhaps focus on 3/5 of your Crit glyphs before focusing on 1/2 of your Crit power glyphs.

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I’ve gone down the crit rating route myself. I’ve levelled all my rating glyphs before power, (though I got everything to red lvl 1 first,) and I’m pretty happy with the results.

You may want/need a few more levels on your accurate glyph too, specially as you do higher waves in OD. Even just doing around wave 20, you may well start seeing lots of glances depending on enemy type (I think vampires have the highest hit rating requirement).

I did crit power first cause I wanted visible results and increasing your crit damage does that, it’s very hard to tell the difference from leveling crit. (all 5 glyphs is <15% crit, so a single one adding 3% doesn’t even affect the error margins of parses.)

I put crit on weapons by similar logic, having 4/5 crit and 2/2 crit power maxed seemed better than 5/5 and 1/2.

I’m currently close to finished with the 4th crit glyph and the cumulative effect of 4 is noticeable but it’s still not in a place where anything it does is reliable.

I was over ip1000 before I had all red crit glyphs due to my playstyle (strong preference of dungeons over scenarios, and putting all glyph xp into hit glyph) and the game went ok for me. I cleared all 3 e10 scenarios as soon as I hit 1000.

Thanks for your input. I currently have my weapons slotted with Crit Power (it was much cheaper back then and I wanted to have roughly the same energy generation/signet procs regardless of weapon), meaning that for higher elites I’ll need to change one of my talismans from Crit Chance into Hit Rating. They are slotted like this:
Crit Crit Crit
Crit Cr.P Hit
I’ll aim to max out Head and Wrist crit glyphs, then switch to Waist Crit Power, then go for Neck and Finger crit glyphs. That is, unless by the time I’m finished with talisman-bound Crit Power I’ll already exceed requirements for E12 and will need Hit Rating more. And that second Hit Rating glyph will go to Luck.

Sound like a solid plan. One personal suggestion is putting hit on something like your wrist instead. The only reason I took that route personally is for long term flexibility. Wrist so far is on of the most consistent talismans in all my builds being that nemain the signet of choice is best in slot and there are not many different options for talisman choices. Luck is not a bad idea either but in my case I have two finished luck talismans. One with a finished laceration for maximum dps and one with a cruel delight for content that requires additional healing. Cruel delight however is normally the only one people use.

My hit talismans are waist and occult, the occult’s the one I always wear (razor shards or w/e + quickness). Basically cause radiant weapon belts + time and space signets are cheap for a useful one (it is definitely annoying having it not maxed signet tho). Head tali would be the other very cheap signets, I don’t really follow nemain/cd prices but I expect they’re the highest.

If you had more than one primary weapon you might avoid belts though cause you’re already building several with your main stat setup. That’d push me towards nemain probably as it’s universal.

Occult is actually another really good option. Occult and wrist are probably the two most stable talismans signet wise.

I thought about using Wrist slot for eventual Hit Rating (current one is on Occult Razor Fossil), but it’s currently a red Bone Timepiece which I made before healing stopped being a role. Simply feeding it to newly made Iron-Sulfur Bracelet would make me sad. Plus if I ever think of using tank talismans they’ll go into Waist (Black Belt), Head (Mark of Starspawn) and Wrist (Bracer of Forgotten Horrors), meaning I’ll have to maintain 3 Wrist talismans.
Probably should’ve done “all DPS talismans” as my basic set instead of going 7/3, but that’s hindsight for you. At the time giving up heal talismans with fist signets was like giving up hope.
Anyway, with the speed I’m getting distillates at I’ll have the time to think it over a couple of times before having to make final-ish decisions.

I wouldn’t worry about a Black Belt, as far as parsers can tell it adds +100 hate per attack (e10 nominally has about 12000 hate/sec minimum)

Wasn’t Black Sash bugged so that it wasn’t generating the extra hate? Or was it just that all the other options added more hate? I’m half remembering stuff, but I do recall people saying there was no point in Black Sash…

Mark of the Starspawn is also questionable for tanking, as with sustain tanking the self heal’s not really worth it. Tachyon Pigment would be better as it’d allow you to use fewer abilities with quicker cds.

When leveling alts, my strategy is this. Put two hit glyphs in and the rest crit glyphs. No crit power. Level them evenly. When you reach purple, I fuse the hit glyphs together into Mythic and replace the slot with another crit glyph that I’ve been leveling in my bags. Once all crit glyphs are level 20 Mythic I will fuse them into level 1 legendarys. Note that half the crit glyphs will have been 3pip and the others 2pip unless you don’t mind burning the MoF on fusing 3pips together. The hit glyphs are cheap enough that both could be 3pip from the start.

At this point I will slot and start leveling crit power glyphs. I don’t level them before this point, so they’ll be level 1 green. I’ll level them until they’re level 20 Mythic and then I’ll focus the hit glyph to max. After that I’ll alternate between focusing one crit glyph to max and then one crit power to get to Legendary level 1. I do this until all crit glyphs are maxed and by this point the crit power glyphs will all be Legendary level 1. Finish those off last.

Note here: Mind the 5/3 balance crit/crit power after you slot the level 1 crit power glyphs.

Is this the most efficient way? I doubt it. I’ve never run numbers. But it seems to be a pretty good ad hoc way to do it.

At last check, yes. This was true. It’s no different than having any plain, unnamed belt.

Isn’t it behaving weird in that both its counters interrupt each other? Meaning it’ll never proc outside of rare situation when you don’t hit anything for 5 seconds(but get hit), or you don’t get hit for 3 seconds but can hit something? It would be a nice option otherwise.

My idea for Mark of Starspawn was not the healing itself, but AoE aggro generation that goes with it, with bigger range and no target number restriction compared to Cosmic Pigment. As for why use separate head talisman for tanking at all, it’s to slot CD reduction signet in. My current all-purpose head has +damage signet.

Another glyph stat question arose in connection to the current Equinox event. Suppose I have a full 20 red 4 pip Hit Rating glyph. Are there any hard data on which level of the second glyph will be enough for which difficulty level past E10? In particular, I’d be interested in knowing how far can 20 purple and 20 yellow get me, since I can raise them relatively quickly.

20 Yellow(mythic) will get you likely as far as you would ever intend to go. At least for sure it is enough to remove glances up to wave 40. I havnt tested but I would assume a 20 Purple would be enough to reach 30 and possibly 35 with very minimal glancing.

A lot of time passed, we got a rebalance bringing healing back (yay for keeping those fist signets on healing talismans), and I finally got enough IP for entering E11. Got Iron-Sulfur Wrist with lvl 20 mythic 3 pip hit rating ready, all the crit rating/power glyphs still at lvl 1 red. Measuring my glance rate in E11 DA shows 4-5%. Switching old crit-glyphed talisman out will remove glances, but lower my crit chance by 5.3%.

I’m not sure of the math involved, so am wondering if eliminating 4-5% of glances will give me enough (or more) DPS to offset losing 5.3% crit chance, all other variables being equal? Also, if the DPS change will be net positive for my DA survivability considering a decrease in CD signet procs and other heals critting.

I’m not a maths person, but logically it should be a net positive to always hit and have more total chances to proc despite the small loss of power.

Trying to apply some calculations.
5% glance chance means that 5% of my hits will do 30% of their normal damage. Which is (0.7*0.05)*100=3.5% damage loss before accounting for any crits.

5.3% crit chance with 140.4% crit power (including expertise) means that 5.3% of my hits will do 2.1404 times their normal damage. Which is (0.053*2.1404)*100=11.34412%

5% glance chance also means that those hits can’t crit, effectively making my crit chance 5% less. So, (0.05*2.1404)*100=10.702%. Adding the loss from glances themselves means I lose 14.202% which is more than what 5.3% crit chance gives me.

Looks very flimsy and I’m sure I missed something so I welcome any and all corrections.

I haven’t given much thought to your math, but you must also consider Energy lost from dealing out fewer critical hits.

It’s not a full proof, true, but it does demonstrate that hit matters more.