Question on DPS glyph placement, weapons vs talismans

Inspecting different builds in game there seems to be a division between those who put fierce glyphs on weapons and those who put them on talismans, with reverse placement of devastating glyphs. Most seem to put a single accurate glyph on the head talisman too, though I’ve also seen accurate glyphs on weapons.

What is the rationale and optimal placement for these choices? Thanks!

Personally I put my Accurate on my Bracer because due to there only being 2 possible signets it is the least likely talisman I will want to change and therefore be a common piece in every set.

As for the Crit and Crit Power discussion Its a bit of a preference thing. I mean Crit power on weapons is certainly the cheaper option (in general). But myself I prefer crit rating on my weapons. The reason being is that I have crit on my Ring, Occult, Waist and Luck Tali. These talismans are relatively stable meaning they can suit multiple sets of gear quite well with some exceptions. I put Crit Power on my Head and Neck Tali because I have multiple of these talismans and there signets are very valuable to each build there used for. So in my personal case I am actually saving more MoF in the long run putting Crit Power on my Head and Neck because there are potentially more Head and Neck Talismans that I will want to make then weapons over time. This is completely personal preference though.

You only get stats from one weapon glyph at a time is the main driver.

  • you need to buy 2 Intricate glyphs for your weapons to be equivalent to 1 on your talis (in favor of Devastating on weapons cause they cost less)
  • you need to spend twice as much glyph xp on weapons (in favor of Devastating on talis cause you upgrade them first)

In either case replace 2 with a higher number if you use more than 2 weapons regularly (but your primary weapon is the only one that really matters)

As for where to put Accurate, it’s on the tali you’re least likely to have alternates of cause in normal leveling patterns it’s the first glyph you need to max so you want to only do that once. There’s no one best option; head/finger/neck have weapon-specific signets, waist has weapon-specific talis but also a high priority signet to max out, and occult/luck have multiple useful signets. So it depends what you want variety on.

If you only intend to build 1 gear set accurate placement doesn’t matter.

Adding reason to Devastation on weapons,for me personally. Since you kinda need to lvl the glyph in both weapons, to not loose power when switching between them, i also put Devastation there, as it is the one with least prority. If you cant Hit, you cant Crit. If you dont Crit, your crit power does nothing.

Having your Fierce on Talis, will get your Crit chance build up faster.

As you can see from above, there’s different generalised options which impact the decision.

It’s basically a case of working out what choices are going to impact your personal gameplay.

In terms of placement, there’s a few general guidelines about glyphs to follow.

  • A glyph’s stat budget is not changed by the item it is fused to, so the arrangement isn’t going to impact your overall stats
  • You only gain the glyph stat from the weapon you are using at that moment, so using different glyphs on different weapons is normally avoided. It’s easier to just use the same glyph across all weapons
  • Fierce (crit rating) glyphs are the most expensive to buy, because everyone wants lots of them
  • If you’re tanking or DPSing, you want to have a hit rating glyph as a top priority. It’s not something where you want to be levelling spare hit rating glyphs, because your DPS will suffer if you swap to an item with a lower hit rating. For this reason, it’s normal to put hit rating onto a talisman, (not your weapons,) to keep it stable
  • If you’re planning to have different items which get swapped in & out, then you may want to put crit power onto them. This helps keep your crit rating stable, so that your damage doesn’t dip
  • If you’re going to use lots of weapons, again, crit power may be your friend. Because you’ll (potentially) be levelling up a lot of them, it will help keep your damage relatively level. It’s also the cheapest option, as you won’t need to buy loads of extra Fierce glyphs
  • The stat priority goes Hit Rating to cap>crit rating to soft cap>crit power
    • If you don’t hit, you won’t crit
    • If you don’t crit, then all the crit power in the world won’t help
    • If you’re already at the crit soft cap, then making your crits bigger is more effective than having a tiny increase in crit chance

If you change your mind, as long as you’ve not started making up extra glyphs then you can always change your setup!

I use fierce on weapons because I always had more than enough of them for all weapons and I figured if I ever wanted to slack on a glyph it’s better to do this on “1 out of 5” instead fo “half of them”.

Regarding the placement of accurate, I chose the belt because I will never use anything but Time & Space in a Generalist’s Belt there. That’s one talisman that’s never going to be screwed by weapon balance changes.
Caveat : that choice was made when I was still considering having more than seven talismans in total. Nowadays I believe that one set for everything is just fine and I can’t be arsed with more that one set.

Not sure if this is still the latest info, but just as a reference:

Hit Caps:
•5% glance reduction (255) is the hit cap for elite 1 dungeons
•18% glance reduction (916) is the hit cap for lairs
•22% glance reduction (1119) is the hit cap for elite 5 dungeons
•31.9% glance reduction (1623) is the hit cap for regional bosses
(Source: Guide to Endgame Stats )

Crit Soft cap = 6536
(Source: Crit and Crit Power have soft caps )

This has recently changed, but I don’t know if a new figure has been worked out yet.

Tbh, I’m not 100% sure if it’s right to say “crit rating to soft cap” - after a certain point, crit power starts to have a better return on damage than crit rating. Effectively, if you’re already critting a lot, then increasing the size of those crits becomes more important than increasing the number of crits.

It’s always 5/2 as important to upgrade your crit power glyphs, which means they’re top priority for a given level upgrade (eg. mythic 1 to mythic 20, do crit power first) but it’s not enough to overstep the tedium multiplier at each quality level, since mythic are 4x epic and legendary are 10x mythic grind.

Or maybe Funcom can allow us to exchange glyphs for a nominal price of 1 MoF and thus allow people to experiment?