Can you help with my dps build?

I currently have this build, what could i change to make a more efficient solo dps build? Is this all BIS?

HEAD : Ashes of Fate’s Chosen + Hit Glyph + Signet of Disequilibrium

FINGER : Ring of the Hollow Tree+ Crit Glyph + Signet of Waxing Delirium

NECK : Egon pendan + Crit Power Glyph + Signet of Capriciousness

WRIST : Iron-sulfur bracelet + Crit Glyph + Signet of Nemain

LUCK : Anima-Infused Keepsake + Crit Glyph + Signet of cruel delight

WAIST : Tumultuous Sasht + Crit Power Glyph + Signet of time and space alteration

OCCULT : Razor fossi + Crit Glyphl + Signet of quickness

MAIN WEAPON : Warped Visage of Destruction + Hit Glyph

SECONDARY WEAPON : Sov-Tech Harmonisers of (Energy)? + Hit Glyph
Frozen Figurine of (Energy?) + Hit Glyph
GADGET : Vali Metabolic Accelerato

What secondary should I choose?

Red Vali Metabolic Accelerator is the best gadget if you can get one.

You’ll probably want to switch that Overwhelming Power signet with a Nemain, and you could change your Cruel Delight to Laceration, but it’s not a big deal.

Besides that, looks good to me just for solo content.

(Preferably you’d want to go with weapon specific signets and belt - especially if you get into group content later)

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Don’t use the Generalist’s Belt. It isn’t great. Get the weapon-specific belt for your main hand weapon. They are actually all the best in slot for dps. There’s no other alternative, really.

Besides that and what Anaelurec said, you’re already 95% of the way to the optimal equipment. The Legendary Vali Metabolic Accelerator (be careful, there’s another Vali gadget and it sucks) can be rare and extremely expensive. But if you can’t get one, the Mythic one is the second-best dps gadget by a long shot and shouldn’t be very costly.

Using the general signets for head/neck/finger is fine to start. It’s quite expensive to build multiple sets for different weapons. So if you switch a lot (say between tanking and dps or between dps and healing) then keep the general ones until you can afford multiple sets of gear. But if you plan to just be DPS then I would highly recommend getting the weapon specific ones. The difference is moderately large. And if you can only afford to do one, do the neck signet. It’s makes the most difference.

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Thanks for the help, Can you recheck the updated build?

Thanks for the help, Can you also recheck the updated build?

I think the meta for secondary is still “of Alacrity” except in unusual circumstances.

When you say “Solo content” what exactly are you referring to?

Because you will only need two hit glyphs if you’re doing very high DA or Scenarios. I’m not sure exactly when the second becomes necessary, but around e13-14ish would be my rough guess. I’m also not so sure Destruction is the best suffix for a solo build. Most things will die too fast for it to be of any use. Energy may still be better, but I’m not positive. But what I am sure of is that offhand weapons are almost universally better as Alacrity.

Lastly, I can’t recommend an offhand because I’ve no idea what goes with Chaos because Chaos dps is not a choice anyone doing end game content picks.

That also makes me rethink the gadget choice. The Vali is usually used in group/raid situations because you’re supported by others. In solo content, you almost never use it instead of a cleansing drone or interrupt gadget. But again, I don’t know exactly what you’re doing so I can’t be sure.

Thanks for the the review. I plan to play solo expect when I do DA or Manathan. I know that hammer and ar is the best, but I want the optimal dps while also having fun. No offence to other build, but I don’t want to suck all my fun from the game just to be the best. Also chaos weapon are recommanded to use destruction or havoc for dps.