Help for new builds in Legends update



Following the update to Legends and in order to remain DPS in HL, I took the archetype of Mage at the creation of the character.

However, I have very little survival, and the elementalist taps away, while the chaos is more melee magic. I think so change one of these weapons, but I do not know that is valid now. Can you advise me ?

From memory, on my first character on the game vanilla, I was Pistol / shotgun, it went very well, but quit starting again, as I take a weapon deck that I do not know, or little … … blood can be with the elem? Or a physical weapon with chaos?

Thank you all, I allowed myself to create the topic, because the ones I found date before Legend, and are no longer up to date …

Bye !

Edit: and knowing that for the other weapons, it is necessary to pay, I would like that the first choice is the good one, because it is relatively expensive …

Edit 2: (my english is so bad, i’m sorry ^^)


Hey cyclope2

Both Elemental and Chaos offer options for survivability, although through quite different means. Elemental is heavy on Crowd Control, while Chaos got some defensive buffs and some healing options. For any weapon you wanna look at the middle line of abilities (specials, in purple/blue text). These are the abilities that kinda shows the nature of each weapon.

Crowd Control
If you wanna go with a Crowd Control approach to survival, you wanna look at
Crystallized Ice + Icy Steps (passive) early on, freezes enemies inside periodically. The steps makes it follow you instead of sitting still as a GTAoE.
Flash Freeze from the top row (also blue) is another early ability to help, but i personally replaced it asap.
Crystallized Flame + Crystallized Blaze (passive). Blaze turns your Flame into a GTAoE that persist for quite a while, and slows down enemies going through.
Blizzard, the Elite at the end of row two, is another brilliant Crowd Control. Combined with it’s passive (forgot name) It will instantly freeze anything stepping inside.
Flicker is an acquired taste for some, and take a fair bit of practice to make very useful as a CC. With its passive targets hit with the Aoe will be stunned for a few sec. You can flicker twice per cool down if you do it in time. It is possible to get a few hits off between flickers. The hard part is being spot on with the landing =).
Targets can hit you if you stand infront of them, but behind them or out of range, they won’t touch you. A combination of these will often mean you kill stuff before it gets a hit in, if done right =).

If you wanna go with heal/defense:
Sadly don’t knwo the abilities off the top of my head here.
Chaos middle line offers a shield (Twist of fate?).
Another (looks like an eye) Reverses time, meaning you get back HP lost the past couple of sec OR HP you will lose the next couple of sec, the passive change which one it is.
On last line the AoE Power ability (red) + passive, heals a bit every time you hit (be aware it also generate extra hate, so do not use in group content unless you are tank).
Immutable (Elite, yellow) end of third line makes you immune to death for a short while, and then heals for 40% HP, more if passive used. This ability lets all your ability generate more hate (again avoid in groups).
Anomally (2nd line Elite) throws enemies up in the air, buying time, + a small defensive buff.
Pandemonium (1st line Elite) Pulls enemies to the ground, buying little time.

The first coupel extra weapons are not as expensive as you might think. The first weapon you buy is only 5k Marks of Favour, which is less than a days worth of Dailies. This price does increase as you buy more however. Like with TSW the end goal is kinda to unlock everything eventually, which get easier as you level.


Sorry for the response time, my account was in validation …

Except for this damage in AOE, I’m not a fan of the elementalist (heat management, locking skills if the threshold is over ect …)

So what do you think of the sword? In fact, I’d like to put Chaos in the main weapon to do some damage, because I like the spells available, and to have a secondary weapon that allows me to survive, be sure to protect me.

Thanks again for the help. Bye.


The general opinion of sword right now, is that it is bad for dps, despite being a dps weapon in SWL not a tanking one. Honestly what you really wanna do, is find the weapon mechanic that you like to work with. If heat management isn’t your thing then dont go elemental. On that note Blood use a similair mechanic, but instead of being locked out, you bleed, and lose the ability to be healed.

However very important to consider. All weapon mechanics become easier to control the more abilities you gain, and better gear you get. It is also important to note that the weapon mechanics only work optimally for the Main weapon, and less so for the Secondary weapon. Very simplified descriptions of mechanics.

Bar management. Use fire or lightning to gain heat = more damage. Use ice abilities at high heat, for a high hit, and cooling off. If you overheat, heat abilities get locked down. Downside, basic abilities can be locked out.

Blood: Bar management. Use damage abilities to do more damage. Use healing abilities to do more healing. They cancle eachother out on the bar. Both make you bleed. The higher the bar value, the less healing you recieve ending in 0 healing at max. Downside, not recieving heals and bleeding.

Chaos: Gain paradoxes based on chance. Gain random effect at 8 paradoxes. Early on you have no control over what you get. Later on you both generate Paradoxes faster, and can push chance to fall on a specific effect more often. Downside, little to no control.

Gain Chi by chance. Fill Chi meter to enter Activate Chi Blade (needs ability to manually do so). Chi Blade adds additional damage to all blade attacks. If you don’t activate Chi Blade, you gain a Heal. Chi can be added while Chi Blade is active. Using a Blade attack spends Chi Blade charge. If it hits 0 charges, Chi Blade deactivates. Downside, the need of an Active ability for activation of Chi Blade.

Generate Rage by set values. Once you ahve enough Rage, certain abilities gain extra effects, spending said Rage. (Not familiar enough with Hammer to give a major downside)

Generate Fury by set values. Once you have enough you can active one of two Fury modes (healing or dps). This flips your ability bar to a special bar with either Attacks or Healing abilities, non of which require Energy. Major downside, the need of an Active Ability to activate Fury mode.

Spends shells whenever you use a shotgun ability. When you hit 0, your bar will flip, turning all shotgun abilities into 1 of 4 different ammo types. Use one to load that ammo and start over. The more shotgun abilities you have, the bigger the chance you get the ammo you want. Downsides, you might not get the ammo you want, and reloading does take a little time.

Chance to get a matching chamber. Chambers rotate with each use of a pistol ability, unless counting down a match. Matched chambers come as White, Blue, Red. They all add bonus damage to pistol attacks for a short time. Combat always start with a White match. Downside purly RNG early on, a bit more controlled later.

Chance to load a grenade when using rifle Power abilities. Countdown (default 6sec) first 3sec is regular damage, last 3sec is increased damage. Use a grenade ability to fire grenade in time, if you don’t it explodes in your face, dealing damage to you. Downside, you can take damage but this can be removed with passive. Needs grenade abilities to be able to fire, but not really a downside.

Worth to note the roles. Tanking is Chaos, Hammer, Shotgun … last ability line contain hate generating abilities, that should be avoided in group content unless tanking. Healing is Blood, Fist, Rifle … likewise last ability line contains healing abilities. DPS is Elemental, Blade, Pistol … They come with more attack options in all content. Any weapon is a viable dps weapon.

I would personally recommend finding two weapons you enjoy using, rather than the two weapons that is currently the best DPS. 1) what is best DPS can change, and 2) imho you should play a game to have fun. If your fun is max DPS then by all means go that way, but if you disagree with a weapon mechanic, then your DPS can suffer.

Early game it can be a bit brutal to go with a double healing weapon combo. They lack Hit Rating in their Passive pages. Using Healing or Tanking weapons as a DPS in dungeons, limits the amount of abilities viable for that content, but it can be done for sure =). Tanking Weapons lack Crit Rating and Crit Power in their passive pages (not as important as Hit Rating, but still lowers damage in early game).


Hmmm ok, thank you for the explanations … Having already taste the HL of the game on the first version of the game, its not my goal now, I play for pleasure because I love this game :slight_smile:

So I’m going to go on the Main Arms Blades in order to have the active skill to raise the chi gauge, and the Chaos as a secondary weapon, in order to bring DPS support via Shism and other AOE skill on both first bars.

Thank you very much !


While this is true, Elementalism is no less useful when it comes to survival means, you just gotta understand that you need to use your Crowd Control abilities to not take damage period =). Take it from someone who soloed Kodiak at 35 relying on keeping it locked down =P.

On the note of healing. the very first passive for most weapons is a small heal. For some it is slightly different, but generally they make survival with said weapon a bit easier (blood for instance prevent you from hitting max corruption)

This can in general be said about most the weapons. The weapon mechanic is where you draw the most damage from. The secondary will have a hard time doing so optimally. There is a series of weapons which make the secondary a bit mroe useful. For instance a chaos focus that double the number of whatever effect your paradoxes spawn. Another example is a blade and a fist weapon, both of which automatically tricker their mechanic instead of neading an active tricker.

This sheet will be your best friends when it comes to picking items.

SWL builds also rely on more than just the abilities. The gadget is a sort of 7th slot, that can take on one of the roles your abilities don’t (stun, heal, teleport, etc). The weapons have special traits to them that can alter how your build works as a sort of passive ability. There are special Belts that work with the specific weapon as well. Lastly Signets are very specific in what they affect. Power, Basic, Elite abilities, Dodge, Gadget, Unltimate, and lastly a Crit activated effect. Any of these can only be applied once, and all help form your build =)


So in order to enjoy all the benefits of Chaos, I put it in main weapons. But suddenly, in secondary weapons, you advise me what? Sword no, because it takes active power to enjoy the Chi it seems to me…


Thats the thing you only fully work the mechanic of one of the weapons. It’s how it was made by design. It’s a matter of deciding which one you wanna use as main weapon.

On my main char it depend heavily on what i am doing. For single target DPS i run Blade/Elemental, for scenario and other AoE heavy content i run Elemental/Blade.

Let’s say you decide on Chaos/Blade (chaos main, blade secondary). This with normal weapons mean chi blade doesn’t work very well for activation (i wouldnt recommend it at least). It still has the secondary effect of healing if you don’t form the blade. Alternatively you get the Soviet Techsword, which has the following special effect

“Your Spirit Blade is automatically forged upon reaching 5 Chi. While your Spirit Blade is forged, all Chi gained is immediately converted into Spirit Blade attacks.”

… funny wording but Spirit Blade attacks here means charges. Basicly the blade does what your active ability would normally do. The downside to this, is that you can’t choose NOT to form the blade, in case you need some healing.

If you go Blade/Chaos you will generate less paradoxes, cause of less energy and less abilities in chaos (secondary weapons generate energy at half speed of main weapons). The weapon you can use here is Mayhem which has the following special effect.

“Whenever you reach 8 Paradoxes and trigger Chaotic Effects, you have a 50% chance to trigger an additional set of Chaotic Effects”

In practice this mean that triggering 3 singularities, instead turn into 6 singularities. 2 clones turn into 4 clones. Not sure how it works with the buffs, but you get some bonus there too. So you will trigger less often from it being your secondary weapon, but you have a chance to double the effect.


Okay, so I’m going to do the Elementalist / Sword test, which I’ll swap according to the number of enemies.

But having a weapon at a distance, and another at melee is not problematic ?


If you can become friends with Elementalisms heat management sure.

As for range. Using two melee weapons is quite the challenge in dungeons. The easiest is being double ranged. I always liked the mix, as i like being up close in fights. If i have to run away from an attack, or if the enemy runs away from me, i have the option to go ranged until i can close the distance again.

That i switch between my weapons depending on the number of enemies, is more a personal preference of mine. Every weapon has the same basic setup. You coudl easily make a single target focused Elemental/Blade build, and an AoE focused Blade/Elemental build. The Special abilities from Elemental is what makes it a little more AoE oriented than Blade.

I will say using Elementalism for survival, is very valid, but you gotta work your Crowd Controls right, more so if you carry a melee weapon with you too. It is a lot of positioning yourself correctly compared to the enemy. With other weapons that buff their defense or heal, it is maybe less important with the position.


Just to give you some feedback from someone who uses Chaos/Blade for all soloing/survival content, having blade offhand still works to generate chi, and then let it go into a Chi Overflow heal is prett nice for soloing.

Played right, chaos/blade is exceptionally difficult to kill. Just depends on how you like to play.


It’s hard to be specific without knowing how many skills you have unlocked, what level you’re at, which zone, what types of fights you have healing trouble with, etc.

I also started a Mage Ele/Chaos character, and found the healing a bit short at the start. I used a combination of slotting the early healing passives, combined with an appropriate weapon (usually a red extraordinary) and some other passives.

My main hand was an Elemental of Restoration, so I got a bit of healing there. My Chaos off-hand was an Otherworldly artifact, which gives some extra paradoxes when using, and I slotted a passive that gives more paradoxes while fighting. So that triggered quite a bit of the heal-when-paradox-gained passive.

When fights got a bit tougher, I slotted the Immutable chaos elite ability - every 20 seconds I can become immune to damage and when it ends, I get healed. I don’t trigger this only when ‘near death’, I trigger it as soon as I get about 1/3 damaged, it keeps me pretty healthy.

You can also quite cheaply pick up Healing gadgets on the Auction House which add more healing. And in desperate cases use your Tab key for a few healing potions each day.

Once I had my powers set so I had a good single target damage, a good AoE, my Immutable and a gadget, I rarely had health troubles.

The other thing about Elementalism you mentioned, managing heat and getting blocked by overheating. I just do a routine where I shoot like 6 powers off, which gets me to 90% heat, then I drop my Crystallized Flame, which overheats me but does a truckload of damage at that heat level, then I fire off 3-4 Chaos abilities while staying overheated (usually the PBAoE one), then I fire the Freeze one, whatever it is called, it is also PBAoE, cools you down and if overheated adds like 15% to your Elemental damage for 6 seconds or something, and then I start the cycle over again with the Elemental damage boost.


For now I am only level 15. But since I do not intend to go beyond the Cerbère, having already made the HL of the game on the first version of TSW, I seek to take now weapons, interesting gameplay, in order to have fun on the solo content / normal dungeons ^^


Actually I use it with shotgun with some effectiveness. One of the skills, I can’t remember which, causes passive paradox generations. Combine that with one of the instants and it makes a nice burn while energy/shotgun elite charges. Vast majority when I need to burn some time between shotgun abilities I’m already at 6+ paradoxes so it procs during the damage dump and either hands me(and my group) a buff or some raw DPS. Yeah I could use the shotgun basic but then I have to time that with my elite. So for the cost of 1 active and 1 passive slot I rarely have to worry about timing on my shotgun and get a random bonus every few seconds with minimal DPS sacrifice. Heck most of the time I’ll tap chaos @7 paradox just to unleash the proc.


Well one last tip here, how i chose my weapons for each of my chars (which a little contradict to pick a mechanic you like)

Dragon (from tsw and now) i felt like she would use fire … had a little trouble deciding on a second weapon, but i wanted melee, and blade ended up being what i liked more. This simply persisted in SWL

Lumi: from an RP perspective she was good with guns before she became what she is now. I also wanted to touch on healing so picking up the rifle in TSW was a no brainer. Sadly didnt feel i could go without double heal, but didnt want the “strongest heal” so i ended on Blood (also persist in SWL) i picked pistols second for when i run DPS for that gun handling.

Templar (new char from SWL) I wanted some hand-to-hand combat making chaos and fist the obvious choices … first half way through tutorial did i realize i not only picked a healer/tank combo as a DPS, but also a full on melee, so that has been fun =P.

Aside from my Lumi’s Secondary i picked them all based on their character, not what was best or easier for me to play. I’ve even pushed it so far that i tank with Chaos/Elemental where i can, to honor my old Blade/Elemental tanking from TSW (Blade tanking rip, but i get the change). I’ve learned/am learning to work the mechanics, and most importantly i have fun with all of them.