Balancing legendary weapons

You (Funcom) have made a ton of legendary weapons. I think (maybe) at this point more legendary weapons then normal weapons even. So at first I think that most of them should not be called legendary at this point. Legendary supposed to be rare, hard to get and stronger then normal weapons. Something you can work towards.

I think 99% of all legendary weapons are at the moment useless and are complete trash. As long as I can remember the classical weapons are still lvl 60 items. Because to open the chest you need to be lvl 60. It’s hard to get a semi-decent item like the adventurers blade because it shares the drop chance with many other weapons.

And yet with the newest weapons all or almost all classical legendaries are trash now because there is something much better. Also you made us farm that crom blade and lifeblood spear for literally many many hours. And now both of them are crap.

If you would make a new expansion and for example raise the lvl cap to 65 and then say. well the old gear is obsolete because it is lvl 60 gear and you are lvl 65 now, then I would understand it. but now I am still lvl 60 and I am doing lvl 60 content to get some supposedly “Legendary” weapons and instead get junk.

As I see it you have some serious balancing issues in game. You keep adding content without updating the old content. This removed a lot of options for me to chose from…


Many of the regular legendary from defeating world bosses need their effects to actually works, like El Drinker draining blood at hit, the Musahi Blade being BLACK instead of standard star metal skin, and so many others, then they would be on par with the new legendary from the last updates.

I dont think they’re going to raise lvl cap, and hope they really don’t, this game doesnt need that, since this would mess even more with balance.


I have a base at the Oasis near Muriela’s Hope and I and my archers auto kill the King Rhino on a regular basis. I have so many chest keys I just toss them in a cabinet now. I think you should be able to “trade up”. Once you get 100 useless shields or swords, you can turn them in for something that actually looks good and works well. Maybe have a “key” merchant instead of this round robin system that generates so many of the same items that nobody uses.


Problem is: Funcom do not play and test their game. Otherwise they would’ve noticed, that a lot of legendaries miss effects or are literally useless damage or stat-wise. They trashed them out before releasing the game and never cared about them again.


Why not just toss broken or useless legendaries in the dismantling bench and have it turn into a stack (5 maybe) legendary repair kits that we can use on the not useless ones?


Garbage and useless legendaries->

-Every mace legendary
-Anything that just has 1% more armor pen than usual
-corrupting legendaries
-Durability legendaries
-More stamina usage on heavies less on lights legendaries

I have an entire vault filled with legendaries, and I can say without a doubt on my mind that 90% of them are garbage and haven’t left my vault for months. If I could dismantle them, I would, but currently all I can do is either hold on to them and hope for buffs, or despawn them.

I have like 20 copies of “the wyrd” but have never used it once. I’m at the point where I just leave garbage legendaries in the chests.

I would also actually love it if they moved adventurer’s blade into unnamed city boss drop pools so I never have to do world bosses again.

Just let us dismantle legendaries, even if it’s only for 1 repair kit.

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They should make legendaries with infinite durability. I would happily use them even if they were weaker than most legendaries.

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Tbh the durability legendaries in game right now basically have infinite durability. They need repair kits like 10 times less often than normal ones. But I still don’t bother using them because more damage=better. Ig it wouldn’t be a totally bad thing to carry around an infinite durability weapon tho

Something is either infinite or it isn’t.

What percentage of infinite is it?

Just because you find it irrelevant doesn’t mean everyone does.

if it has any % infinite then it would be the same as 100% since there are not degrees that we understand to “infinite”

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Different opinions aren’t trolling.

That was my point.

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yup, I just hate unanswered questions that are asked for a purpose. I do the same and thought I would spell it out for everyone.

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You can dismantle them, at least I did with some, each one turns into 5 star metal bar.

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I meant dismantle then into something worthwhile. Mb for the poor wording.

I have vaults full of star metal from raids and whatnot, and it’s really easy to get even if you aren’t raiding. So i’d rather get the repair kit. Makes more sense tbh, legendaries are supposed to be on another level from star metal

The unusable ones are a necessity to cause the RNG and excitement of actually getting something useful. Otherwise, the chest would be empty 90+% of the time? And for RP people, all weapons are useful.

Some unusable by PCs can also be very effective on thralls (i.e low durability weapons with decent stats)

As far as we are aware, something is always infinite, because something always exists.

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Sad thing is, the low durability weapons only have mediocre stats. Only a few decent legendaries

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