Stop Nerfing Legendary Weapons

Stop nerfing legendary weapons. Legendary weapons are supposed to be OP, otherwise they’re not legendary. Granted, there’s a lot of so-called “legendary” weapons that you get from opening chests, most of which aren’t all that much better than star metal weapons. However, there are some weapons that drop from bosses that certainly are quite a bit more powerful, or useful, when compared to weapons that are easy to get. So what? If they’re “legendary,” they should be head and shoulders better.

Now, I don’t mind if Funcom reduces the drop rate to make them even a bit more difficult to get. If someone wants to spend hours and days trying to farm one, fine, that’s their prerogative. But it frosts my cookies when something like the lifeblood spear (which really is hard to get even now) is nerfed to oblivion.

And then I read on the forums all these calls to nerf other weapons. Look, if you don’t like the fact that someone is kicking butt with a certain weapon, go out and get one for yourself. But stop crying for mama to nerf what someone else has earned.


I am forced to agree with you here. While the Lifeblood Spear, and also the Sword of Crom, may not be the only examples of this, they are certainly the most notorious and abnoxious ones. It took me literally over a month of farming the Unnamed City to get a Sword of Crom (my most sacred artifact) and almost as long to get a Lifeblood Spear. Despite only having drop rates of around 1%, just ask anyone who supported such nerfs, and they will assure you that they are ohhh so easy to obtain, they get 6 of them a night and you can almost fall over them on the trail side. Legendary weapons take time, effort and skill to earn, and their strength and usefulness should be a reflection of that.

What I personally believe, is that there are a number of players who would rather demand Funcom weaken features to levels of triviality, than spend the time getting good, adapting and developing counter measures. Becoming proficient with ones dodging is usually a good step. Considering the backlash to the nerfs on the two aforementioned weapons, including the majority opposition of 70% in the below Poll, I can only hope that nerfs will come to be viewed as a last resort in the future.


Yeah, legendaries (and not all, just a small amount) should be better than others.

But you have some people here, which are against that.
So everything should be kinda the same. Nothing to strong, nothing to weak, so that people quit the game even sooner as you have no real goal to achieve.
Why should I farm for basically reskins of weapons, when legendaries are not allowed to be… legendary.


Yes, that is the intelligent thing for Funcom to do – start relatively weak (but not too weak) and buff them over time. That way they won’t annoy all the players that spent hours trying to farm a certain weapon, and will give the fan base a reason to keep playing the game. But this “chopping things in half” thing just causes people to quit.

The problem with all of the newest additions are that they ended up in the hands of thralls.

Sword of Crom
Reach of the Red Mother.

Other legendaries that we find in chests cant compete.

Worldbreaker should not have gone live in its current state. Nor the annihalator or those claws.

All of them are easy to get and there isn’t a goos reason to use anything other than stat weapons.

FC needs to bake things longer I agree.

But everyone running around with hammers is just meh.

I am anti Nerf. But I an pro balance. And if the weapons we get from chests or other high end dungeons dont compete we simply have Conan Exiles the hanmer edition.

Other weapons need to be brought up to speed. Including the Ancient Lemurian. I have never seen a single person even use one.

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Nerfing is an arbitrary term. And like ohters, i have multiple time suggested start low, then tweak upwards. I think they are starting to listen to us on this front, as the new battle axe and short swords are relatively weak, and no de buff effects. Plus do not have a legendary version yet either. this is the way to handle it. Let us play around and make a wish list of what they need, then tweak them up. AS far as balance, there really should be some ort of chart, and every weapon should have advantage/disadvatnage tag against other styles that are “equal” in damage, or be tools that are design specifically for the 3 styles, PVE, PVE-C, PVP (raiding thralls), as well as group or 1v1 situations. This way you get a lot more mixing and matching to counter, instead of meta weapon wars.

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I hate to break this to everyone, but from my 16+ years of playing on-line games, the player base will ALWAYS find an optimum build, and most people will go with that one. First it was spears. All the PvP crybabies complained that they were OP. So spears got mega-nerfed until they bear no resemblance to what a spear is supposed to do. (I mean, spears for close combat? Gimme a break. That’s just the opposite of what a spear is designed for). So a nice PvE weapon is now useless.

Now it’s hammers. Once they get nerfed, the player base will find something else that works best. And everyone will run around with that. There are a lot of cool axes and stuff that you can get from Warmaker’s Sanctuary. Sooner or later everyone will run around with one of those. And again, people will cry for balance.

Here’s another secret I’ve learned over the years: the more choices you have in something, the more difficult it is to balance things out. For instance, if there were only 2 weapons in the game, balance would be easy. But this game has scads of weapons. And different ones are being introduced all the time. There will never be real “balance,” what will all the differences there are.

As for people putting things like Sword of Crom on thralls? So what? If this were a game where there were hundreds of people on a server, and way of easily forming teams, I can see where this would be a problem. But on my server, I’m lucky to have 6 people on-line at any one time, and most of them are still leveling. So I need a strong thrall for the difficult dungeons. Besides, if everyone can have a strong thrall, isn’t that balance?


This is what enough here probably will never get…

You will mostly have 1-2 top builds/combinations, which is better than others.

Or you can cry for nerfs and everything is basically just a reskin… But trust me, people will stop even sooner when the realize that.

Before that it was only spears. I am happy they managed to make hammers viable for PvP too.

The real problem is Funcom‘s lack of „Meta game knowledge“. They have no clue how much impact certain „adjustments“ have they do to some weapons and items. The lifeblood spear change was done blind and without thinking. They did not know what „role“ it plays in the game so they simply removed it by overnerfing it.

If they gonna change the legendary items they need to consider that legendary drops are RNG and RNG kills competitiveness, which is important for PvP. PvP needs to stay competitive, so everyone still has the same chances and not that someone who plays 16 hours per day ends up like a god because he got this special legendary drop that idk, gives him 80% damage reduction or something like that.

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Another question: What weapon is currently good for thralls in PvE? Tested doom yesterday with my thrall, which made a good impression while killing humans…

After the world-boss Scorpion had Erii down to 50% hp and the damn Scorpion was still at 90%, I just went home… Compared to the BoA the Mace was underwhelming against a worldboss… (and I wanted to farm UC with it). Or is Doom not a good mace?

I mean the 2h-hammer, which is a 2h-mace :wink:

Doom is also a 2h-hammer/mace. But was really disappointed when he fought against a scorpion… Most of the times, he was only able to swing 1 time… He kicked really often and I dont know if he ever got a combo finished.

Erii did quite fine against the humans at The Den… No problem killing them there or finishing his combos.

But that Scorpion… I also have a Dacias at the base. Can give it a try with him… Or Cimmerian berserker…

Are Bandit leader after their nerf even good? The 2 I have are just somewhere at my mainbase.

Use it yourself: right click -> hit and roll, repeat until 5 stacks of sunder, then spam left click with dodging. If sunder wears off, apply it again. Use 40 STR and 30 Grit for PvE. No thrall needed.

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I really dislike fighting bosses, as there is nothing special about them… The first time I made every boss without thralls or with a clanmate. But since then, it just feels like a waste of time.

It is completely different when I do T4 hunting. My thrall has 90% of the time Lovetap equipped and I kill everything else :smiley:

But will give it a try with 2H hammer myself and giving the thrall the BoA (or will try some spear). I have a world-boss crocodile near my main base, which will be my test puppet tonight :smiley:

What else are good weapons for thralls? I have >7 Black Dragon Pikes and many other things…

My favorite is Dalinsia Snowhunter in good armor equipped with Black ice Broadsword upgraded with Master weapon fitting and a Scorpion Ward shield.
Dalinsia is a native one-handed fighter and the upgraded sword has 72 damage and 21% armor pen, the shield add 100 armor whenever she is wearing it, she is not the highest hp thrall but she absolutely destroy anything I put her up against and since she is using a one handed weapon I can quickly switch her sword to a truncheon if needed without her complaining about it :slight_smile:

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Yeah, when I am only T4 farming, I use my Dacias with the same sword. But Serpentman shield… I should give the scorpion ward a chance :wink:

He comes with a spear, but he wrecks the crap out of everyone with his sword and shield combo… I can change the weapon in a fight!! (Lovetap -> sword or back) and he has no problem at all.

Before I got my first BoA, he was also the guy who killed Red Mother & the other UC bosses… But 2h was faster, because of the hyperarmor combo.

If I see that Dacias cannot finish a combo, I will also remove the shield. 1h sword still has hyperarmor to some degree, but not when you use a shield!!

I can only agree with you.
It is sad to see that you make a lot of effort to get some weapons.
And then after 1-2 weeks they are not worth anything anymore because bad players are crying because they are losing to someone who has gone to the trouble.

Personally, I have no desire to play CE because I have been looking for the bastard sword for 2 months and have not gotten it.

I already own it but I would like to do a new test with the oils.
When I finish my work and I come home I invest 5 hours in searching in the Nameless City.
And as mentioned above, I have now after 2 months no more desire to search and kill like a madman.


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Singleplayer + Admin Menu

These suggestions are always nice, but I want to try it online, not offline.

Because it brings nothing to test offline, if it then online does not work. :rofl:

Yeah, the drop-rate of UC weapons (not armor pieces) is really low… And then people cried for nerf of the bloodlife spear :smiley:

Also trying to get my hands on that sword or the bow or a “scepter” weapon… But nope, Heated argument or fang of the Red mother… :smiley: