Stop Nerfing Legendary Weapons

They are extremely low.
only the red mother gives me very often weapons.
I have their weapons so often that all 200 Thralls are equipped with them. :joy:

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To put it this way, I know tricks that do not work offline.
With these tricks, you can combine an oil with a kit.
How I do that I do not tell, I play extra only PvE so no one cries.


What’s so ludicrous about PvP people lamenting to power of certain very-hard-to-get legendary weapons is that no-one uses them in PvP for fear of them being taken from them if they die. Question: How many of you go into PvP carryhing one of these? How many people actually take something like Reach of the Red Mother into PvP? Probably no-one, I daresay.

Now, I’ll admit that if a powerful weapons is easy to get, everyone will be using it. Why not? They’re easy to get. So to keep everyone (or anyone, for that matter) from using powerful weapons, simply make them hard to get. That way, no-one will want to risk losing it in combat.

If you fear about losing stuff in PvP then you probably shouldn’t play PvP.

I’ve looted a lot Black Dragon Pikes, Lifeblood Spears, Lying Bastard swords, the epic armor pieces, world breakers, but I also lost those in many amounts. Shirt happens. As long as you don’t lose your base in PvP, it’s no big deal.


There are plenty of games that offer different build outs based on playstyle and while there are many loadpit options you are not rewarded for following just the meta.

Warframe is a free to play game and while it has its meh moments you can take most of the weapons used in melee and even if they are not the meta you can still make them work. Just takes some practice.

Secret World offered a number of different weapon types and combinations and while there was the tank, heal meta you could take the heal meta and make it effectively and offensive weapon.

I agree that there is a meta. The issue is that by creating unbalanced weapons ot forces a meta.

Hammers are great, but only recently became the meta because the hyper armor on light attacks and then the introduction of the Worldbreaker with armor ignore.

There is a difference between finding a new meta and one being pushed on you. The combination mentioned above isnt necessarily an optimal build, but instead one of the only viable builds.

Huge difference between optimal and viable.

You can make things optimal by adjusting stats. Which You can still do.

However when you bake in a meta as opposed to allowing players find a meta that works it just means that everyone needs to use it to compete.

If tomorrow they decided to beef up fhe mace because no one uses it by adding hyper armor to the light attack, increased the speed or even the range, that would instantly become the new meta when coupled with the shield. Because its a no brainer.

But it also isnt satisfying. It also isnt rewarding and more importantly its not inspiring.

As it stands there is a farming build. There is a meta melee build.

There isn’t anything wrong with having a meta. But having to play the meta to stay competitive is just boring.

Sure…you are not forced to do it. But you almost kind of have too.

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