Best gadget for scenario/solo mission/dungeons?

Trying to sort out benefits of different gadgets for different applications. I’m torn between what seem to me to be the best, though each in a very different way.

Improvised ECT Instrumentation – high damage and a good stun, though in dungeons it strangely often does not show the graphic and its effect on bosses seems negligible

Boincan Flask – good range and duration, reflects incoming damage and turns it into heals.

Shard of Sessho-Seki – ongoing light damage and cleanse, and a good damage burst that triggers cooldown.

Mistress’s Bashosen – The knockdown gives a good interrupt and damage is moderate. I favor this for scenarios.

I also see recommendations for the Vali Metabolic Accelerator, though its benefit seems minimal, maybe I’m missing something

What are others’ experiences and opinions on this key piece of equipment?

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Asibikaashi’s Hoop - cleanses once every 25/20/15 seconds. Activate to cleanse 2/3/4 effects immediately. 50/40/30 second cooldown. (I think this got a quiet nerf and used to be every 10 seconds & flat 30)

I use it for majority of scenarios unless I need extra impairs in which case Bashosen.

Vali Metabolic Accelerator is significantly better at red level, it doesn’t scale 20-40-60-80-100% like most of them.

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This doesn’t cleanse. I think it’s one of the best pure damage gadgets for ranged dps (the attack drone does more dps but has a very short range).

Nothing really out performs the vali metabolic in terms of pure damage output increase but since your referring to scenario/solo I would have to go with the pull gadget or the fan (boshen) mostly because I’m melee and prefer to impair then get out of things and secondly for the pull gadget because it’s a pain in the ■■■ to catch things running away from you.

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[quote=“Pilchenstein, post:3, topic:37068”]
This doesn’t cleanse.[/quote] right, I misread “gives a beneficial effect” which refers to damage, thanks!

I don’t see how gaining a few points of energy every half minute significantly increases damage, as switching between primary and secondary seems to take care of all my energy needs both with AR(KSR) or Blade primary and Ele secondary, but I’ll try it.

Also not sure why no one is enthusiastic about the Boincan Flask, which throws out at my level of 450ip 1644 (@274/sec) damage to 5 meters to 5 targets and heals me over that time 142 for each enemy hit.

Here’s a discussion on Steam that mentions some other items I was unfamiliar with.

Out of combat heals are the most reliable strong heal you can get in scenarios, so people stick to things that make those more frequent - higher damage, cleanses, prevent annoying enemy casts (eg. stuff that seals/stuns you or makes the enemy unattackable)

You don’t switch from in-combat to out of combat until all DoTs and effects are off you so cleansing is mandatory on eg. filth waves if you want to be able to heal yourself between waves.

Having a purge gadget for polaris and a catastrophe shelter for HR at hand is something that helps.
Generally everything that lets you expand the skillset of your weapon on case by case basis isn’t wrong to have in the back hand.

Vali is really good when its red and you are into middle to high level gear. Then its every 12 seconds not half minute becouse you also want to have a time and space signet and, believe me, its huge.
You are using a KSR if I am not wrong, well for that weapon you never have enough energy and you simply dont want to switch to secondary more then necessary, you better build more AR energy by firing (and critting) your basic (with basic AR signet ofc).

If you are using an AR my favorite scenario gadget is the cannon, it impairs and pushes away your enemy so you gather range and can keep on kiting.

The vali is only best when considering endgame dungeon dps where you will be using your offhand minimally.

Boincan Flask also throws out elaborate ground effects which can complicate some already visually heavy ground effect encounters with some Dungeon bosses. No reason you can’t be pro by showing when not to use it though.

Its a shame Superluminal Bridging Device fails so often, putting you back into whatever it was you were initially trying to evade.

100% Bashosen for me in solo content because my main’s build (blood/ele) otherwise doesn’t have an impair.

[quote=“paololov, post:8, topic:37068”]you simply dont want to switch to secondary more then necessary,"[/quote] I don’t follow the theory behind that. Especially with Ele, regarded as one of the best secondaries in the game, there is a huge benefit to having your enemies being constantly blasted with Crystallized flame every twenty seconds while you unload Mjolnir and your primary at them inside the cone – not to mention blasting them with Bashosen or some cannon or other gadget burst.

You likely won’t be using moljnir or any offhand power ability for that matter in endgame dungeons. Basically a crystallized flame every 20 seconds. Otherwise you’ll be spamming your main hand power abilities and grenades in your case. (Think of what your signets buff) Any time not using a mainhand power ability or having to use its associated basic ability will result in a loss in dps. This is purely for END GAME dps min maxing up against a single boss encounter kinda stuff. It sorta translates to scenarios to but either way energy is number one. Especially for weapons like AR and Hammer.

Edit: I should clarify at lower ip levels (more specifically below 30% overall crit chance) your likely going to see more benefit from a second power ability. It’s not until you start pushing 40-50% crit chance and single power ability rotations become more realistic without relying on basics. There are of course weapons like blood that don’t really benefit at all from vali metabolic due to the power ability being channeled they are almost always energy saturated at high crit

Once you get your basic damage signet high enough it starts doing comparable damage to an offhand power attack. The basic attack also has the added benefit of providing extra energy on crits and procs for your main power ability. So end game, most builds will gain more from ditching an offhand power ability for an extra cool down ability.

How close does it need to be? My stats are suggesting 3800 basic, 5000 raging shot once I max that signet.

I can see how it makes eg. pistols/blade offhands pointless but shotgun’s pretty useful.

Yeah, it differs a lot with different combinations but you also have to take into consideration the passives and weapon mechanics which will typically be boosting your main hand basic more than the offhand power. And you are right, when it’s a 5 energy offhand power attack it is closer, but typically the extra skill slot, weapon mechanics, and energy gained through crits will still push it over.

Yeah I think hammer’s just not active-heavy enough to benefit from this, at least at my stat range. The only build I could find that even used all 6 slots for dps was Seethe/Rampage/Savagery/Eruption and it didn’t parse better than my standard hammer/shotgun build. (admittedly I have no practice w/ Rampage) also eruption was only relevant for Exposed, build with no elite & someone else applying exposed would have parsed better (aside - so that’s why people are fine bringing Regeneration to cleanse, I guess). Another build I tried was Seethe/Rampage/Trick Shot/[empty] and it was only 1-2% worse. Course, 5 minute parses with hammer are not as good as theorycrafting, crits are all over the place. But I need to be able to actually play the build I end up in.

don’t forget that your mainhand basic is buffed by agents too (at least 2 out of 3 should be main hand weapon specific) and that you should take into account the value of the energy you generate by using your basic which, for example, for AR is quite high.
Also, untill you are maxed out, you offhand weapon most likely is either lower level or at least has a lower level glyph …
There are many factors to take into account but usually, as others said already, at about 40% crit you are better only using CDs/Elite from your offhand and concentrate on your mainhand weapon. That is why Thermal Inverter is so popular, it only takes 1 or 2 seconds every 20 from your main hand usage (and it also uses some powerfull skill at their best)

5 energy powers may be an exception if you can use weapons that add a good damage effect and keep a minimal rotation. For example voltaic shunt using Mjolnir every 10 seconds and CF only when at a decent high heat or SPES using raging shot to keep max DoTs up (and Shell Salvage ofc) … but it is not easy to get a better dps then when focusing on your main weapon.

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