[NT] Soloing Neretva X

Hi all good afternoon,

I found this video on youtube and wondered how to accomplish this. Getting the nececarry skill is vital and I figured now is the period to practise this. With the video, you also have a link to the used gear but I still have some questions:

  • what is the general strategy?
  • which nano’s are used in killing the towers, adds and end boss and in which order?
  • is this on full def or full off or is it manually adjusted every time?
  • are items being used like grafts or anything and if so when/how?

I think this is a nice project for me to dust off my nt and try this out :slight_smile:

What i currently do with everything, is Optic plaque, then self illumination and then garuks improved viral assult. After that I can do 2x candycane before I can do GIVA again. But the thing is, is it is so slow in recovering before you can cast again. That mades me wonder how to deal with that on Neretva X. My nanoinit is 3353 and my attack rate is 2700 something fully buffed. I understand it takes a longer time doing it alone but how jump and run around constantly and keep pressing these buttons? Is that the tactic?

I use Izgimmer’s tactical nuke and Izgimmer’s ultimatum rather than candycane in normal damage rotation with garuks.
That’s with 3241 AR (3005mc) 3k MC is important to get the most out of garuks nuke
But only 2028 init due to using webbing and lens; it’s more of a glass-hammer build but a lot of fun and really high dps.

OK, running around dealing with the adds actually works untill I bumped into the adds from the East Tower: they ate through my armor (i’m on 50% agg/deff). Need to practise these.

Oh thanks : i didn’t had those nano’s yet. Testing them out in ofab punch bags and they are indeed more powerfull. Now, how to get 3k MC with my current 2563 self buffed. I think I need also those +MC utilitis and nano research attunement device I guess? Will post aosetups, setup asap.

Here’s my setup trying to reach at least 3k mc somehow: setup with self buff.

edit 2:
New setup where I now reach 3031 MC with 3282 attack rate: new setup with self buff

I think it could be seen in the video that he was on full def all the time.
I myself am always on full def on my NT’s. Blinds and evades is what makes NT’s able to solo in the first place IMHO.

Can’t argue with that no. Most probably, you have to take your time doing this as you have to go full def and wear evades gear instead of full offense. I’ll practise going that route first and when feeling comfortable going more and more offense